which superfeet for flat feet

Which Superfeet for Flat Feet?

Superfeet offers a range of insoles which are recommended when you take your footwear seriously. Unfortunately, this rarely happens when you experience no issues with your feet. But as soon as people have problems such as flat feet, they begin to look for a custom solution for the extra support and even to deal with pain. Let’s take a look which Superfeet insole you should use for flat feet.

Green, Blue and Orthotic insoles:


Green Insole For Flat Feet In General: Best Overall Performer

Superfeet offers a range of insoles which deal with these issues directly and indirectly. The Green insoles are made with high-density foam and they feature a deep heel cup. This design secures the heel and prevents in-shoe slippage. It offers a stable platform for most feet and one of the most interesting solutions when it comes to dealing with the health of the feet in general. It is why they even come with an organic treatment which manages odors and which represents one of the recommended solutions when it comes to wearing the shoes for long periods in the day. With an anatomically-correct shape, the insole is recommended for a natural foot biomechanics where the movements are not forced.

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Blue Insole For Medium-Arched Feet:

The Blue insoles are recommended for medium-arched feet. The insoles are also made with high-density foam which is then coupled with the stabilizer cap for structural support. The heel area is not as deep and the control over the arch support is mild compared to the Green version. However, many people can truly benefit from the design which is made to offer better posture, improved foot health with bacteria control in a latex-free design.

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Orthotic Insoles For Dress and Casual Footwear For Medium-Arched Feet:

The Orthotic inserts are made for dress and casual footwear. They are shorter and better suited for medium-arched feet. Some of the benefits of wearing the orthotics include reduced pain in the feet and ankles, reduced knee pain, better posture, and reduced spine-related pain.

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Which orthotics to choose?

All of these solutions can have a positive impact on the way you stand and on the way you feel. They immediately reduce the shocks you feel. They do this by actually dispersing the shocks evenly across the surface of the insole which means that the shocks your feet feel are considerably reduced.

Indirect benefits include improved posture and healthier knees with reduced stress and even pain which can sometimes be associated with walking. But in order to use these insoles, you first need to ensure that your shoes come with removable insoles so that you can replace the originals. Furthermore, it is also important to choose the solutions which work best for you when it comes to the expectations you have.

If you want the best overall performer, the Green Superfeet insole is highly recommended. It deals with many issues people with flat feet deal with. With good arch support and a deep heel design, they are recommended for the ultimate comfort. At the same time, they offer one of the best solutions when it comes to dealing with adjacent issues such as the anti-microbial action.

Most importantly, the insoles come with a biomechanically-correct design. It means that the insole is made to follow the shape of your foot in a way in which they are not intrusive but in a way in which they are allowed to improve the natural movements of your feet. With the help of the stabilizer cap, the insoles are recommended for extra support. A group of people which can immediately see the benefit in this area includes those who stand for long periods in the day. Made with high-density foam, the insole is supportive but at the same time, it is not too hard on the feet. Its orthotic support is recommended for natural shock absorption, which can be one of the great benefits of those seeking maximum benefits.


The orthotic insoles from Superfeet go beyond the support offered for those with flat feet. It is often the unnatural position of the feet which can lead to other problems such as bad posture, knee, and even back pain. These issues might not go completely away but a non-medication solution such as the insoles is worth to try in most cases.

Other benefits such as the anti-bacterial profile are also worth mentioning. With a healthier environment for your feet, the insoles represent a durable solution, especially if you use the same shoes every day. Since they are removable, they can also be used in other shoes you might purchase in the future as well. However, based on real market research, Superfeet has managed to gather data which shows all those who wore the insoles saw real benefits for their feet.