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How to Remove and Fix Solid Stains from Wood Deck?

It’s pretty normal to mess things up while staining or doing absolutely nothing. Even experts mess it up, spilling bright disco colors while coloring something else. But they have no worries, they can easily clean them up because of obvious reasons. They know the best tips. For accidentally spilling a new can of fresh colors or even for a fresh coating, it’s very important to know how to handle these situations and fix them. Keep your mind at ease, we are going to teach you some fantastic tricks and then you’ll be able to remove all kinds of solid and hard stains.

How is painting any different from staining?

Yes, of course, it’s not similar. It’s a common misconception within people, so they often use these two words interchangeably. But these two words have very different meanings and it’s important to know the difference.

What we mean by painting is entirely changing the color of something. For example, coloring the walls of the bedroom. On the other hand, staining is a finish that doesn’t change the color. It is applied to woods only. It enhances the natural beauty of the wood. While painting can be done on anything like wood, wall, metal, etc, stains are only applied to certain woods easily. Though some extra coats might do the work.

For a good finish, you have to keep some factors in mind like using long strokes and working with the grain while staining. The stronger the stain is, the more challenging it is to get off.

How to remove stain from the deck:

We’ll show you some of the easy steps. You will just have to make sure you follow them thoroughly:

Power Washing:

This is the primary and the most important step. Even while staining the deck, power is mandatory to remove all the dirt so that you can begin with a fresh deck. So, give it a power wash and make sure to remove all the dirt, mold, and mildew. Deck cleaner gives amazing results for cleaning but if you don’t have it, that’s okay too.

If you skip this step, all the unwanted junk will be trapped under the new coat of the stain and thus the new one will expire soon too. So, keep yourself absorbed into it until you get it all dirt free and ready for the next step.

Deck Stain Strippers:

No matter how much you have cleaned your wood with a power wash, nothing tackles a deck stain stripper. Almost every deck with older stains will need those.

Deck stain stripper contains many surfactants and also includes Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). That works more effectively on wood other than general wood cleaner. It also softens the existing stain to remove it easily.

How to apply the stripper

Apply it just like you would apply paints, with a paintbrush or even a roller. If you want to do work faster, you can also mix it with water and put it in a water bottle spray. That way, you can spray the whole wood and the work will be done faster.

After you have applied the stripper, let it soak for some time. Ten to fifteen minutes is enough but not less than that. That way, your stain will get more time to soak and absorb into the strain and that helps us to remove it smoothly.

But the confusion arises – how will I know the right time to remove it? Easy. After some time, you’ll notice old stain breakouts. That’s the moment. You’ll need to power wash it again to ensure all the stain is removed properly now.

Still, noticing stains? Use sandpaper or sander over it. That’ll do it.

Wood Deck Brightener

When you use a deck stripper, that immediately raises the pH level of the wood and it makes the wood much darker than before and alters the color.

And that surely wasn’t the look you were going for. But here, we got some ways to lighten up your stuff and bring back the color.

How to Lighten the color of the wood

One answer: Apply Wooden Deck Brightener. The name itself screams solution. The application is easy too, only if you are careful enough. It doesn’t need anything special, just apply a coat of deck brightener over the wood and that’s it.

Not only it brightens the color of the wood, it helps the pores of the wood for deeper penetration. That helps the new stain coat to last long. Leave it for at least 48 hours to complete the process. And don’t forget to rinse the deck thoroughly.

Now, after all these hours of waiting, your wood is finally prepared for the brand new stain that will be rich looking and of beautiful quality.


If you ask us, if you have wood, then you’ll definitely need to know all these. Since it’s wood, it’s quite normal to get damaged in a minor accident if you’re just a little bit unaware. It requires a lot of maintenance if it’s outdoors and so, these techniques act as a life savior at those times.

If you spill in a small amount, a small amount of stripper and brightener can always be your ready to go besties. So, next time you can mess things up without actually panicking. You have all those ready to hit the road wood essentials and exclusive techniques, only from us.