tips on cleaning hiking boot

How to Clean Hiking Boots Easily

Hiking boots are intended to get dirty no matter how carefully you are using. It doesn’t mean that you can play with mud rather means that keeping the boots clean ensures their longevity so that you can get the most of it. Even cleaning during the trekking can help you to feel your feet light. On the other hand, ignoring cleansing can break down your boots in several ways. Here are some quick cleaning tips which can lead the longevity of backpacking boots:

  • Whenever you are on a trail, and some mud or dirt gets stuck, try to wipe off immediately if possible.
  • Moisturize the leather boot once in a while
  • Use ordinary dish soap and a damp paper towel to treat spots.

It’s very vital for backpackers to keep their hiking boot clean, not only for the longevity of the boot but also essential to stay safe and feel comfortable on a trail. Keep reading the article on how to clean hiking boots:


What You’ll Need to Clean:

  • One special boot brush and toothbrush (you can use an old one)
  • Mild dishwashing soap or a saddle soap or a boot cleaner
  • Easy Access to water

Cleaning Procedure of Backpacking Boots:

Wipe down dirt on the surface with a paper towel after taking off your hiking boots. First, remove laces and take boot brush or toothbrush. Use mild soap and brush to scrub the upper parts of the boots and toothbrush to remove the visible dirt of outsole. Regarding suede made boots, be delicate and don’t put too much force to avoid any damage.

There are a few different approaches that you can take if the dirt is too strong. Soaking the boots in water over several hours or cleaning with a high-powered hose to remove the mud and dirt with pressure.

How to Dry Hiking Boots?

You should air dry only, not by exposing to intense heat. After cleaning, remove the laces & insoles and put them in an open space to air dry, always try to position your boots upside down so that the water can drip out. If they are too much wet on the inside, you can crumple up some newspaper inside.

What about Leather Boots?

Regarding leather boots you need to be more careful as they are delicate to heat or moisture. Too much moisture or too much heat can damage your beloved boot earlier.

As most of the boots except lighter boots are either entirely made of leather or partially made of leather, it’s vital to know the real procedure of cleaning a leather boot.

Too much moisture may change the shape of your boots when drying and too much dryness can also damage your boots appearance by creating cracks. If you want to dry your boot on excessive heat, it can develop cracks on it by draining too much moisture from it.

To get rid of this situation either you need to buy a pair of waterproof boot, or you need to do waterproofing treatment. Even for the waterproof boots, the treatment does wear off after a few months of use, so you need to do waterproof treatment after a particular time. There are many waterproofing sprays available in the market or online shops, or even you can try to make a waterproofing solution as like the video:

Some tips that can increase the longevity of your boots:

  • Always clean your boots properly after getting back from every trial, this will keep your boot well-groomed and maintained.
  • Don’t worry if you are on a longer hike; it takes a long time for dirt to damage leather. Wipe down the dust of boots to make it lighter while trekking.
  • Regarding spots, just rub the spots in a circular motion with cleaning solution and let them dry.

If there any adhesive substance get attached into the boot, keep them in a freezer for a while. The cold temperature will help to make the adhesive harden and then you can easily clean them with the help of hard substances like knives.