these are the best wood glue for furniture

Best Wood Glue for Furniture Repair & Making

Furniture adds beauty to a room. If you are planning to fix up your furniture, you would need a strong glue that can hold it together. 

Usually, wood glues can be used to stick to different kinds of materials such as plastic and porcelain. 

But not all kinds of glue can hold two pieces of wood together. You would also usually need to get two separate adhesives for outdoor and indoor purposes.

It sounds a bit complex, doesn’t it? Well, the good part here is that we are going to help you find the best furniture wood glue. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best 7 Wood Glues for Furniture in 2021

Finding just the right adhesive can get difficult as it has become a saturated business. We picked out the best ones that can be found in the market. Take a look at the below reviews to know more about the best wood glues for furniture.

1. Titebond Liquid Hide Glue

Unlike those fake emotional attachments that get detached easily, the Titebond’s Liquid Hide Glue ensures that once it is used to stick something together, nothing can take them apart. If you are looking for a glue for furniture repairs, you can go for this ultimate wood glue without any hesitation.

The glue is capable of supporting a staggering 3,500 lbs per square inch, which allows you to cover greater grounds. 

Under normal conditions, the setting time for the product is very quick and can be used on most surfaces. So this means you can apply the adhesive on anything, and it will ensure that the glue sticks quickly and firmly.

Moreover, the product can easily be sanded, making it ideal for use on furnishing, especially furniture repairs. And, there is no need to worry if you have haphazardly applied the coating. The quick setting and strongly adhesive nature of this product allows uniform hold throughout the coated area and ensures a stronghold.

Also, the adhesive is very easy to apply. A smaller cap allows it to be easily maneuvered into those tight spots that other bigger adhesives cannot reach.
The cap can be removed without any effort and can be applied to any material with ease.

Another great feature of this item is its amazing creeping resistance allows it to be a powerful asset for gluing. Finally, the affordable price of the product makes it even more lucrative for customers.

Special Features
  • Quick setting times ensures that the gluing process is efficient and quick
  • Compact and so you can use it in the tightest spots
  • When glued together the components are stuck very firmly to each other
  • Can be used on most materials
  • The coating of the adhesive can be sanded easily making it perfect for repairs

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2. Titebond 5004

If you are looking for an adhesive that has has a high sticking strength, then the Titebond 5004 will tick off all the requirements on your checklist, that too at a cheap rate. It is one of the fewest glue to have passed a type-2 water resistant test. This means that the adhesive will function perfectly in any weather with ease.

The adherent is not effected by sanding or any other sort of finishing work. This is because when the glue is applied, its strength is distributed evenly throughout the coating, which ensures no change occurs to the project. 

Easy to apply and fast-setting capability of the glue makes it even more user-friendly and allows you to apply the adherent to all the tough spots. 

Also, the exceptionally lightweight product, along with its compact dimensions, increases the maneuvering factor even further. The product’s amazing bond strength puts it in another league. 

It can withstand the high pressure of almost 250 PSI. This means that when the product is applied on a joint, it practically becomes inseparable.

Special Features
  • Strong bonding capacity makes your work strong
  • Quick-Setting factor wastes less of your time on applying
  • Waterproof and capable of surviving in all extreme weather conditions
  • Can easily be sanded which makes it ideal for woodworkers
  • Able to be used in culinary utensils
  • The compact and light container allows higher maneuverability

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3. Elmer’s E7010 Carpenter’s Wood Glue

Elmer has been making amazing and innovative adhesive solutions for almost 65 years and, their new product, the E7010, is going to become your favorite after a single-use. The bond strength of this adhesive is stronger than wood, which allows you to apply it on wood easily and be sure that the adhered parts are stuck together. 

This particular fact makes it great for woodwork and carpentries. No harmful ingredient was used in the making of this product, and it doesn’t give off any fumes, so there is no concern about your health. 

Furthermore, the adhesive is very easy to apply, and its quick-setting time of 20 to 30 minutes allows you to waste less time on waiting for the adherent to set and concentrate more on your work. 

It is not affected by sanding or any sort of finishing work and is easily washable. So you can repair or finish your woodwork and wash off all the unwanted excess glue.

Special Features
  • Allows you higher functionality
  • Compact and light features enable you to work on those tight spots
  • Is not toxic and doesn’t release fumes, so there is no health concern
  • Quick clamping time of 20-30 minutes ensures more efficient work
  • 24 hours of a full hold
  • Has a stronger bond than wood allowing parts to be glued together firmly
  • Easy to sand and paint factor allows you to have a perfect finish every time
  • Ideal for repairs as well

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4. Starbond KEG-500

Many carpenters desire an A-grade glue with fast-setting times and amazing bond strength and, that too, at an affordable price. If you are one of these customers, then the Starbond KEG-500 is going to become your favorite.

The product has increased flexibility, which allows you to sand or polish the areas where the adhesive was applied for a smooth and glossy finish. This factor makes it ideal to be used in all kinds of carpentry and woodwork. Furthermore, the 500cps viscosity of the liquid allows the glue to reach almost anywhere with ease.

Also, the Ethyl-Cynocrylate formula gives the glue a bonding strength that is 4 times stronger than most CAs. So it is perfect for heavy-duty tasks such as being used in construction firms as well as industrial appliances. Due to the high strength of the product, it is easily capable of absorbing and surviving high impacts.

Manufacturers have made sure to produce high functionality by providing application caps, clog-proof stoppers, and micro nozzles. The applicator and the clog proof stopper prevents clogs from forming. And, the micro nozzles work as the perfect extension for tiny caps. 

These ensure high functionality and precision along with longer shelf life for you. If kept in normal conditions and is a little well-maintained, we ensure that the adhesive will last forever. One pro-tip, make sure that you are storing the glue in a 40-degree Fahrenheit environment. This will keep the glue in tiptop condition until the glue finishes.

Special Features
  • High bonding strength ensures that your project is almost indissoluble
  • Great flexibility allows you to sand and polish for a smoother and glossy finish
  • Additional accessories are provided
  • Syrup like viscosity allows the glue to reach almost all kinds of tight spots
  • Can be used on pretty much on all kinds of materials

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5. Gorilla Wood Glue

It’s one of the best wood glues that are now available. Starting from sticking cute DIY artworks for kids to more professional appliances in carpentry, the Gorilla Wood Glue has you covered in almost all sectors. All these amazing qualities have led many people to consider it as the best glue for any kind of furniture repair.

Gorilla glues have been known for high sticking and bond strength and, their new product, which is user-friendly and water-based, follows the same principle. This allows the glued parts to be held together with high strength and ensures easy functionality. 

After the application of the product, a minimum of 20 minutes is needed for it to dry down, and it, later on, becomes an almost invisible layer of bordering. So you can focus more on the task at hand, and the no-discoloring factor ensures that there is little or no need for sanding for a better finish.

One ounce of the fluid has a range of 1.6 square feet of coverage. This means that you can cover more area with a little amount of glue and, hence, ensures higher longevity of the product. Furthermore, the product’s waterproof feature allows it to survive all kinds of weather and condition after it has dried.

The Gorilla glue is a PVA-based glue. This means that it can be used on paper, hardwood, softwood, or any other wood. Wood is a hard material to be glued together. Make sure that you have applied a good sum on both the ends that you want to stick together and have given it the proper time to dry off.

Special Features
  • The user-friendly product ensures higher functionality
  • Easy to maneuver so allows the glue to reach the tough spots easily
  • Great bond strength ensures that your work is inseparable
  • Quick-setting allows less time is wasted for the glue to dry up
  • The waterproof feature of the glue allows it to be used indoor as well as outdoors

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6. Titebond II Premium Water Resistant Wood Glue

Titebon has done it again! They have successfully introduced a new product that allows your work to survive any condition and ensures great bond strength and durability of your product.

The first shocker is the low price of the product. You’d get plenty of features in this glue at one of the most affordable prices in the market, making it more lucrative to the buyers.

It has great flexibility and versatility. Due to the high flexibility, the product ensures that it will provide equally distributed bond strength throughout the glued area and, in turn, is great for sanding. This is why it is ideal for any kind of woodwork and allows you a perfect and smooth finish.

Also, the item is uninfluenced by finishing work, and the excess glue can easily be washed off. This makes your furniture look more attractive and gives it a smooth finish.

Furthermore, its great versatility allows you to work on almost any material. No harmful chemical was used in the making of the glue. This is why it is FDA-approved and can be used in indirect food contact and radio-frequency devices.

A weight of 1.2 pounds ensures that your product is compact and easy to maneuver. This means that the product can easily reach and be applied to all the tough spots that a normal adhesive is incapable of reaching without a brush.

Special Features
  • Waterproofing makes it amazing for all kinds of weather
  • Is easy to sand that ensures a flawless finish to your work
  • Non-toxic properties of the glue allow it to be used in food can or containers
  • Great bond strength makes sure the wood sticks together firmly

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7. Aleene’s 15623 Wood Glue

When you’re looking for a glue coating that ensures a perfect and smooth finish, the Aleene 15623 Wood Glue is our pick. The product is unaffected by sanding, painting, or polishing, which makes sure that the glued parts are strongly bonded together with a smooth and polished finish.

Another good feature-the glue dries very fast. This ensures that less time is wasted waiting for the glue to set, and more time is focused on the work at hand.

The smaller dimensions of the adhesive allow it to be applied much more quickly if you opt to use it straight from the bottle. This glue can reach tough and stubborn spots that normal glues are incapable of reaching because of its thinner viscosity.

Moreover, the good news is that this product is non-toxic. This means you can use it to glue culinary utensils, food containers, baby cradles, etc. Also, the non-toxic formula of the glue emits no fumes, so it has no health concerns for you as well. The glue works on almost all kinds of wood.

Household works, crafting hobbies, woodwork repairs, etc. can all be done using this product. With the purchase, you are also provided with an extra 4 ounce of glue. Its great spread increases its longevity, and the extra 4 ounces ensures that the product will last you a very very long time. 

And the best thing is that you could enjoy all these amazing features at a price that is so cheap. So these helpful and lucrative qualities allow it to be in the same league as the best furniture glues in the market.

Special Features
  • An extremely strong bond allows your work to be almost inseparable
  • Cannot be affected by sanding or polishing
  • Light-weighted and easy to move to ensure easy access to all the tough spots
  • Has a non-toxic formula
  • Quick-setting time lets you concentrate more on the work and less on setting time

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Factors to Consider to Find the Best Wood Glue for Furniture:

Before you dive into buying an adhesive, there are a few factors that must be considered to make your purchase worth the money.

Types of Glue Formula

There are a few types of adhesive formula depending upon the type of wood, and among them, the following are the main ones:

• Epoxy

This formula is waterproof as it has a hardener and a resin enabling it to become one. Since it is waterproof, the glue can be used to stick wooden boats. Furthermore, it can also be used in dry areas, as well.

• Hide Glue

The solid wooden glue is generated from animal hide and has to be used with a brush. It is perfect for repairing wooden furniture.


This glue is known to be a yellow glue made up of synthetic polymer. It is good for outdoor use as it is water-resistant. PVAs leave their stain on the wood and do not allow the paint to stick.

• Cyanoacrylate

It has non-permanent bonds that are tight and strong. The other name for this adhesive is “super glue”, and it can only be used for repairing cracks.

• Polyurethane

This type of formula provides maximum durability and strength in glue. Polyurethane glue is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of materials such as glass, concrete, metal, etc.

Water Resistance

This is a crucial feature to have when you are working on a piece of furniture that you plan to keep outdoors. Rain doesn’t come with a warning, and if your glue isn’t water-resistant, there is a high chance that it won’t stay put.


Some glues have the property of evaporating. The ones that have this characteristic tend to shrink in size over time as the glue begins to dry. 

As it shrinks in size, stress falls upon the area where the adhesive resides and often forms cracks in the wood. So, getting a low shrinkage adhesive that does not have high evaporative characteristics is the way to go. Epoxy is a good option for this.

Ability to Let Paint Stain

If you are planning to layer on your furniture with paint, then you must be sure to get an adhesive that is stainable. Glues such as PVA do not allow stains to stick to the material.


Thick viscosity adhesives are perfect for carrying out more intensive tasks. This includes joint parts of wood together from scratch. The glue takes more time to dry up.  

They are pretty versatile and can be used in multiple materials and tasks such as leather attachment, fiberglass fixing, and doing big DIY craftsmanship or woodworking projects. 

Adhesives with low viscosity are quite runny and take almost no time to become dry. For this reason, you have to keep a towel or a cloth near you every time you use this type of glue. You’d need to rub the remaining component before it leaves a mark.

These usually don’t have a strong bonding, which is why it is best suited for repairing rather than heavy-duty tasks.

How to Use Wood Glues on Furniture?

Here is what you need to follow to master in the art of using wood glue:

• Step 1: Smoothen Out the Wood

For the pieces of wood to stay together, you need to smoothen out the place first to apply glue on. For that, you sand it to create a plain surface. Keep the sawdust as you can mix it with the glue and fill small spaces in the furniture if required. 

Then stick masking tape to the places where the adhesive will be put. Remove it after a while, and this should eliminate any sort of stains present there.

• Step 2: Use a Brush for Application

For a better and more precise application of glue, you should use a flux brush. Before you start applying it, you must cover up all the clamps and with Wax paper to prevent the glue coming in contact with it.

• Step 3: Press the Two Pieces

Rub and press the two pieces of wood together so that the bond between them is stronger. This also helps to create a uniform layer of glue on both the pieces before getting clamped. You must finish gluing one wood piece before moving on to the next.

• Step 4: Removing the Excess Glue

If you spritz some water near the areas of glue, you’d be able to detect and remove the hidden glue. If the glue is runny, quickly use a cloth to wipe away any remaining glue. You should let a thicker adhesive to dry and shave the excess with a chisel. Hardened wood can easily be removed with the help of a paint scraper.

• Step 5: Clamp and Set

Be sure to cut the board longer than desired. Here you’ll place the beads that will allow you to clamp the project better and prevent it from slipping. These extended parts would be chopped off in the end. Use clamps to set the wood into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding wood glues:

1. Which Type of Formula should be Used to Stick Wood to Concrete?

Undoubtedly, Polyurethane is the most durable and most versatile. So this can be used to stick wood to concrete.

2. Which Type of Glue can be Used on Wood with High Moisture?

Superglue, the glue with temporary bonds such as Cyanoacrylate can be used over high moisture wood.

3. Can a Mixture of Glue and Sawdust be Used to Fill up Big Spaces Too?

Unfortunately, no. If you try to do so, it will be very prominent and rough-looking.

4. What is the Minimum Settling Temperature of a PVA Glue?

PVA adhesives need a temperature of a minimum of 50 degrees to stay in place. Temperatures less than this won’t create a very strong bond between the joints.

5. How Long should One Leave the Furniture Left Untouched after Completing the Task?

A minimum of 24 hours should be given before starting to use it.


The best furniture wood glues are right on your palms now. All you need to do is go and purchase whichever you find to be your number one.
Let us know in the comment section below if you found this article to be helpful.