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Best Nursing Clogs For Women

Nursing clogs are specially made to provide all-day comfort. All nurses need to spend multiple hours standing and walking each day. Unlike other professional categories, nurses have more responsibility towards patients. That’s why they need to find their own way when it comes to individual comfort. Of course, nursing shoes can also offer a solid platform for a straight posture and also reduce aches as a result, but clogs are more preferable for their easy access. The following options can be considered as the best nursing clogs:

Dansko Women’s Professional Mule Nursing Clog

  • Made with polyurethane materials
  • Added comfortable memory foam footbed
  • Designed with an easy-to-clean upper
  • High platform perfect on uneven surfaces

With a practical design, the shoes are among the most comfortable solutions nurses can count on. It is not just a generic statement as the shoes come with a thick outsole, a minimalistic upper and plenty of arch support. With such a high outsole, the shoes can also be more comfortable when stepping over hard obstacles such as power cables, which can be the case in busy hospitals or doctor’s offices.

But the comfort of the shoes is even more important. Based on a memory foam footbed, the shoes offer a cushioning level which can only be appreciated by nurses who have to stand for hours. The upper is not bad either. It is easy to clean as it comes with no overlays. Its durability is also up to standard based on its leather construction. With the anti-slip outsole, the shoes are among the practical options busy nurses can count on.

From a design perspective, the shoes are not necessarily impressive, but they have an elegant appeal for such a high outsole. The 0.75in platform allows them to still look good in the conditions in which nurses deal with people on a daily basis.

Timberland PRO Women’s Renova PROfessional Slip-On Clog

  • Made with a slip-on design
  • Anti-fatigue design
  • Anatomically shaped

These shoes are among the most detailed designs nurses can consider. Made by Timberland, they are not expected to come with such levels of comfort. But the popular manufacturer goes to show everything is possible in today’s market.

Featuring an elegant all-white design, the shoes are certainly targeting health workers. The leather upper is easily the most attractive design in the class. Most importantly, the comfort of the shoes has been based on plenty of focus and attention from Timberland. The roomy toe box is among its favorite characteristics. The anatomically-shaped footbed also ensures general arch support and comfort for those with high arches.

With the help of molded inserts, the midsole follows the natural shape of the foot, which translates into better comfort levels. When it comes to their daily performance, the shoes also impress with their non-slip rubber outsole.

Dansko Women’s Ingrid Oiled Leather Clog

  • Made with memory foam comfort
  • Based on Nitril rubber traction
  • Offers good arch support
  • Uses leather upper

The shoes impress with their durability and comfort. As other Dansko models, they feature improved comfort based on the memory foam footbed. This is one of the top proven materials when it comes to all-day comfort.

The arch support is also lauded by its wearers. It comes as one of the top solutions for those with Plantar Fasciitis. Even in these conditions, the footbed offers plenty of breathabilities which is useful for temperature regulation, especially during the warmer months of the year.

With Nitril rubber on the outsole, the shoes maintain traction on some of the most slippery surfaces nurses has to deal with. Most importantly, this material doesn’t wear quickly. Couple with the antimicrobial action of the shoes, Dansko has made a popular design for women nurses to base their performance on.

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Nursing Clog

  • Distinct decoration on the upper
  • Latex-memory foam footbed
  • Made with Nappa leather
  • Offers rubber outsole traction

Using a unique latex-memory foam combination on the outsole, the shoes are among the comfortable option nurses can consider. Furthermore, they represent one of the reliable solutions when it comes to standing for long hours.

With the help of a distinct leather upper, the shoes are reliable when it comes to proper durability and comfort. Furthermore, they look stylish even with the high platform design. The Nappa leather upper is a good fit for the high platform shoes and it makes them one of the aesthetic options for nurses who need daily comfort shoes.

Since the life of a nurse can be quite busy, accidents can happen all the times. This is why the upper of the shoes is actually stain-resistant. In busy conditions, they are among the leading options as a result.

Dansko Women’s Pro Xp Mule Clog For Nursing

  • Made with a 2in heel
  • Based on memory foam comfort
  • Slip-on design
  • Made with a padded instep

With a slip-on design, popular shoes are perfect for demanding busy environments. They are among the few shoes which are actually available in multiple colors. For this reason, users can find the best results for their shoes even when they least expect to actually match their outfit of the day.

Made with a 2in heel, the Pro Xp Mule shoes offer plenty of comfort and traction. The high heel offers a relaxed standing position with reduced pressure on the lower back. With the help of the memory foam footbed, the shoes are indeed comfortable. The instep is padded as well. Nurses can rely on the shoes with their thin padding around the ankle area, which is where many other designs prove to be uncomfortable. For most nurses, the shoes are recommended for comfort and the large selection of colors and patterns.

Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat Open-Top Clog

  • Based on the best breathability
  • Designed with a rubber outsole
  • Can be used with custom orthotics
  • Available in multiple colors

This sandal-style option can be considered by nurses during the summer months. But even with an open-top design, the shoes are actually very comfortable. As many nurses need, they come with memory foam on the footbed.

The leather upper works well with the high outsole which means the breathable shoes can handle uneven surfaces. Furthermore, many shoes simply struggle to offer similar versatility when it comes to the inserts. These inserts can be removed to use custom orthotics, which can always be seen as a top customization option for those with fallen or high arches.

Crocs Women’s Mercy Work Slip Resistant Clog For Nurses

  • Relaxed profile
  • Roomy for most feet
  • Made with improve metatarsal support
  • Included heel strap

No list can be complete without proper Crocs shoes. These shoes are worn by nurses all over the world and they are living proof that they still are one of the best options with their timeless design. The slip-on characteristic of the shoes allows them to remain practical in the busy nursing world.

The latest Crocs are now made with better metatarsal support and a contoured footbed. With proper arch support, they can be worn for the entire day. Furthermore, the Crocs come with a slip-resistant outsole. Walking on wet surfaces happens a lot in hospitals and this is why the nursing clogs can be considered for proper traction across these slippery surfaces.

But one of the unmatched pluses of these shoes comes with their roomy profile. Simply put, their relaxed style allows for extra space inside the shoe, which is not possible with most alternatives. This is why the shoes can be highly valuable for nurses who simply hate tight shoes around the feet all day.

Another characteristic of Crocs shoes is that they are actually unisex. Worn by males and females, they can serve nursing students as well as actual nursing professionals. They are even worn by doctors due to their aesthetics, comfort, and practicality.

Nurse Mates Shoes: Women’s Angel Lites Nursing Shoe

  • Made with EVA foam comfort
  • Leather upper construction
  • Made for female and male nurses
  • One of the few lace-up designs

Sneaker-style shoes are not necessarily popular for nurses. But many nurses looking for a snug fit can consider this design for daily wear. They come with an all-white profile which finds them suitable for health workers. We have added this in this list because of its usability like clogs.

Most importantly, the shoes are based on EVA foam comfort. They are among the recommended releases for up to date comfort materials. Together with the leather upper, they equate to a mature product. Even the upper’s leather is treated to resist stains which will keep the shoes white for a long period of time.

How to choose the best nursing clog?

Nursing clogs are not complicated. However, not many manufacturers make them because they are actually very specific. Unlike casual shoes, they need to perform on slippery surfaces, they need to resist stains and they need to offer proper comfort and the right platform for a straight posture.


Nursing clogs are nothing without good comfort. Actually, this should be the number one characteristic for nurses to look for. Since nurses have to care for other people’s problems, they can’t actually afford to have any discomfort issues which would take their focus away. For most nurses, it also means they need to find the shoes which will maintain this comfort over a few hours of wear. Only the best footbed can do this.


The practicality of the shoes can be influenced by their style. Popular options include slip-on, lace-up and Crocs style. Many nurses find these shoes to have different degrees of practicality. This is why they are often recommended to simply choose a solution which works on an individual level as practicality can be subjective. For example, Crocs are considered very popular but some nurses don’t like the heel strap feel they come with.


It goes without saying that traction is crucial for nurses. As hospital floors are deep cleaned multiple times per day, dealing with wet floors is inevitable. For this and for other reasons such as liquid spills and other accidents, nursing clogs actually have to offer top traction levels. In theory, this sounds easy. In practice, rubber outsoles need to be non-marking in such a public environment.

Stain resistance

Since all types of liquids are spilled in hospitals or at doctor’s offices, nurses have to ensure their shoes remain clean and free from bacteria as a result. Even more, most nurses simply have to work with solutions which allow them to maintain the upper even after light or deep cleaning. Leather shoes might need extra attention from this perspective. It is why treated leather should protect the upper against various spills. Even more, it is important to choose shoes which still allow breathability. A thick upper negatively impacts breathability levels in the shoes.


Nursing clogs are limited in style, but they certainly make up in practicality and comfort departments. Most nurses can even work longer shifts. Working for 12 hours straight is not unheard of in the nursing world. It is why nurses have to find the right comfort levels for their own feet.

Unless nurses have very specific needs, such as with low or high arches, they can choose generic shoes. Nurses with specific arch support needs need to consider shoes which come with removable insoles. In their case, using custom orthotics is mandatory. From this perspective, the number of options is considerably limited. However, things can change when the right shoes offer this possibility. High arches need extra support. Low arches are prone to issues such as Plantar Fasciitis. Both situations require their own custom solutions.

Having a bit of room in the toebox is recommended as well. But luckily, most shoes are now made with a wider forefoot. It is here that the toes need a bit more room for movement. Over a long period of standing, this practically ensures that nurses are able to stand, work and perform during an entire shift. Lastly, all nursing shoes should be easy to clean. After every shift, nurses clean their shoes to remove bacteria and to ensure a sanitary work environment.