7 Best Nike Tennis Shoes of 2019

Nike has been manufacturing great tennis shoes for years. Nike tennis shoes are often used by amateurs as well as even professional players. Some of these are considered as best tennis shoes for their design and applicability to tennis. Though most of the Nike shoes are good enough, each comes with its own pros and cons. The shoes have different materials and technologies, even if some of them can be cross-platform as Nike has made the most interesting patented technologies in the category. Looking at each design individually can give you a better idea of what you can expect from such shoes. Here we reviewed 7 Nike tennis shoes which will help you to find the best one for you:

Nike Mens Zoom Cage 3 Tennis Shoes

The shoes are among the leading options in terms of Nike popularity. They are specifically made for tennis and this makes them reliable in the vast range of movements which the sports players need to go through.

Specific characteristics include the drag-on cage of the forefoot. This cage design offers much-needed protection for the foot with various sliding movements on multiple tennis surfaces. It does this by marginally impacting breathability which makes the shoes a good solution even when playing outside during the hot summer months.

The midsole of the shoes features the encapsulated Nike Zoom Air cushioning. Perfect for players of all weights, this system works great for a number of reasons. It stands out when it comes to shock absorption which is needed, especially on hard surfaces. But the outsole of the shoes is impressive as well. Based on standard rubber materials seen from Nike before, it manages to offer zonal abrasion. This is perfect when it comes to maximum durability and traction on multiple surfaces. It can be said that Nike has kept the average player in mind when designing the outsole.

Special Features
  • Encapsulated Nike Air Zoom
  • Drag-on cage protection
  • Zonal high abrasion patterns

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Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Tennis Shoe

The shoes are the lightweight solution for the average tennis enthusiast. Made with a narrow profile, they are perfect for the players who have good speed and acceleration. But even with such a narrow profile, they offer plenty of cushioning and support. The thick cushioning of the ankle area is what makes them particularly comfortable.

But the comfort is further enhanced by the Zoom Air unit in the heel.  It provides low profile cushioning which is capable to absorb shock by evenly distributing weight in the area. The shoes represent one of the options to be considered when it comes to keeping your feet cool as well. Even if they are made with overlays, the mesh materials are very breathable. This material is a great choice for those who also need the lightest performer for a natural stride. The outsole is somewhat similar to what has already been seen from Nike. With zonal patterns, the outsole is made to tackle a wide range of surfaces which includes clay or hard surfaces.

Special Features
  • Dynamic Fit comfort
  • Zoom Air cushioning
  • Mesh materials

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Nike Air Vapor Advantage Tennis Shoe

Made with durable XDR rubber, the shoes are among the recommended option to own for playing tennis on different surfaces. Made with an appealing design, they are not necessarily revolutionary but rather a good all-rounder. The upper is made with considerable overlays but it maintains a mesh appeal for breathability and a few lateral perforations make them a solution to use even during the summer months.

The TPU frame acts like a cage which wraps the midfoot and improves stability. Together with the cushioned ankle collar, it comes among the designs which are made for the stability which is needed during tennis sliding.

There are a few specifics on the outsole as well. Unlike regular shoes, the tennis shoes have added XDR compound on the heel and forefoot. These areas are crucial for traction. The zonal grove design also makes the rubber outsole a versatile design to use on various surfaces.

Special Features
  • Modern design
  • Versatile outsole
  • Made with XDR rubber

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Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

If you play tennis occasionally, you might be tempted to choose shoes which work for other sports as well. In many cases, you will be able to find shoes which work well on a number of surfaces but which can also be used for running or another type of training. The versatile Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer is such an example. The shoes feature the Air cushioning, as their name suggests. With proper comfort and support, they are great for a wide range of sports.

Made with leather upper materials, the shoes are rugged and durable. Of course, they are not the most breathable solution from Nike, but they work great for most players who seek a durable and easy to clean design. Made with Air cushioning on the entire length of the shoes, they feel bouncy and they can take some pressure off your feet. If you need them to walk for miles or to go shopping, the shoes can be worn even when the tennis game is over. If you don’t mind the limited breathability during the summer, the shoes can be considered for their vast possible uses.

Special Features
  • Full-length Air cushioning
  • Made with leather materials
  • Bouncy feel

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Nike Air Oscillate XX Men’s Tennis Shoes

As one of the most original designs, the shoes are recommended if you want something different from Nike. Apart from the different upper, they also come with an interesting neoprene inner bootie. While not all players enjoy such designs, it can be a feature to improve the natural feel of the shoes. Furthermore, the inner booty can enhance the socklike impression which is often found in running shoes.

With Zoom cushioning, the shoes offer plenty of comfort for the average player. While they are not the best performer for professionals, they can be a great training option. Featuring a synthetic upper, they are easy to clean. When you are done playing on clay, cleaning the shoes is not a struggle as many players would expect. Finally, the shoes look great as well. It’s a shame they only come in two color options.

Special Features
  • Zoom-cushioned design
  • Synthetic quick-to-dry materials
  • Seamless upper

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Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoe

Made with leather materials, the shoes are a lightweight performer for most players. Many tennis players appreciate their court design and thick rubber outsole. Since traction can be one of the biggest enemies of tennis players, the shoes are recommended for most situations, even when playing in high humidity.

The upper of the shoes are designed with thick leather. The material is perfect for durability and it represents one of the most interesting solutions for those seeking maximum versatility in changing weather conditions. But the materials are also great if you decide to take the shoes to a quick gym session, especially with the stable outsole. Made with the full-length Phylon midsole, the tennis shoes offer lightweight cushioning which is perfect when it comes to shock absorption. However, one of the drawbacks of affordable shoes come with limited color options.

Special Features
  • Leather materials
  • GDR outsole for good traction
  • Phylon midsole cushioning

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Nike Air Max Torch 4

As one of the running shoes which can easily transition to tennis or to general training, the Air Max Torch 4 can be one of the options to consider if you seek mesh materials. Made with minimum overlays, the shoes are recommended for their lightweight profile. This profile is enhanced by the waffle outsole which is made from abrasion-resistant rubber and which offers good flexion capacity.

But the main strength of the shoes lies in the Air cushioning design and in the low collar design which offers enhanced freedom of movement. The cushioning is recommended when you run and tennis players can make the most of the system when they need great shock absorption. Without being overly innovative, they also manage to come with a few small details which give them their own identity in a crowded space. For example, the shoes come with reflective inserts. At the same time, they come with a unique selection of colors such as the anthracite, volt or obsidian.

Special Features
  • Air cushioning
  • Unique colors to consider
  • Waffle outsole patterns

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Tennis shoes need to support the ever-changing rhythm of the sport. They represent an interesting solution when it comes to proper support for slides or lateral movements. But if you are not a professional, you can often time consider alternatives from neighboring categories such as running shoes. For those who take tennis seriously, dedicated shoes can go a long way. One of their main strengths is the ability to protect your feet against certain injuries, especially in the heel and in the forefoot areas. With outsoles which offer a stable experience, the best shoes tend to offer a versatile solution for multiple types of tennis surfaces.