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8 Best Nike Tennis Shoes 2019

Gearing up for tennis practice or on your way to break your game records at the tennis court?

In that case, you should have no obstacles that can bring you down, and the barrier should not be your old ragged tennis shoes.
Whether it be for regular practice sessions or your ultimate tennis match, we’ve got you all covered for your last minute Nike shoe shopping so that you have no hurdles ahead!

Keeping in mind how necessary tennis shoes can be and how much of a role they play in your sportive life, we’ve come up with variations of Nike shoes.
Because your game doesn’t have to stop and you can enjoy the sport with the best Nike tennis shoes.

Nike has always been famous for its experimental designs and comfortable yet elegant merchandise, but it’s still important to know some attributes before making a wise choice while purchasing.

Our reviews on some of the suitable tennis shoes from Nike can make your selection improved and more comfortable as we’ve categorized them based on ideal characteristics and qualitative analysis.

1. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X HC Men’s Tennis Shoes Aa8030 Sneakers Trainers

  • Shock absorption
  • Stability and high durability
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Can be opted for use in extreme weather conditions

With a price range of 110$-125$, this category of tennis shoes is a must-have in the wardrobe of professional tennis players. Provided with variable color contrasted designs, you can never go wrong with this category. Due to its ultra-modern outlook, it is highly popular among professionals as well as novices.

Categorized under Air Zoom Vapor technology, these tennis shoes are relatively recent additions to the innovative list of Nike. It is provided with a dynamic fit system, advanced court design, and sound quality support system to aid in hardcourt tennis on a concrete platform.

Zoom Vapor shoes are comprised of an upper surface, a phylon midsole, and an XDR rubber outsole. The upper surface has additional and multiple layers to provide extra comfort. And the phylon midsole has a lightweight cushioning effect added with it. The rubber outsole has traction withstanding effect in a herringbone shape.

Moreover, the heel of these shoes is the most beneficial feature of the entire shoe. This feature helps in shock absorption and uniform distribution. 

Additional features of this shoe include a TPU midfoot shank and a padded collar to ensure stability. The mesh tongue has an excellent ability to ensure that the shoe is very much breathable. 

Besides, an average price point for such remarkable technology system to ensure comfort and damper effect is an excellent option for tennis players to choose from Nike’s range.

2. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X Tennis Shoes

  • Zoom Air unit present to ensure maximum shock absorption
  • Durable material in the upper surface, midsole and sole
  • Slim fit and dynamic fit system
  • Appropriate for heavy weather conditions
  • Resistant to traction

Infused with Zoom Vapor Air technology, this Nike category is the perfect summer sportswear for women to indulge in hard court tennis. This tennis shoe is recognized as one of the best shoes for professionals or women requiring quick workout sessions.

The top quality feature of this shoe is its Air Zoom unit which imparts low profile cushioning effect as well as absorption of the shock and distributing it evenly to the entire area. As a result, it minimizes impact and abrasion along with the provision of the cushioning effect. This technology is its most unique feature of all.

Additionally, the shoe constitutes of a sturdy upper surface, phylon midsole and heavy-duty rubber sole. The top surface is also associated with a padded collar that offers ease in hot and humid weather condition. Its mid-sole act as a barrier to traction and the rubber sole provides firmness and support to the entire foot.

Moreover, there is the provision of a dynamic fit system so that a proper fit is ensured and the shoe appears similar to a slim fit glove. This system provides a good grip during heavy game sessions, and the player feels comfortable.

Overall, this shoe has a great sophisticated outlook to it and is very comfortable to wear during hectic sessions. It is, in fact, quite popular among the many Nike categories for its stylish fit and Zoom Air unit technology.

3. NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

  • Durable material
  • Traction resistance
  • Suitable for both professional and amateur artists
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Can be worn in extreme weather conditions

If you’re a regular player and you’re looking for tennis shoes that are comfortable and lightweight, then this is the perfect option for you. Because the Men’s Court Lite tennis shoes range is Nike’s unique and complete mixture of comfort and style. This is one of those innovative Nike shoes that you can grab with confidence.

Built-in with a thick leather surface, phylon midsole, and a stable rubber outsole, this tennis shoe has a lightweight appearance and provides a firm and sturdy support. The rubber outsole is rigid enough to withstand optimum pressure and ensures strong support while running to and fro.

Moreover, the shoe has been designed to tackle any sort of weather conditions, so that rough and extreme weathers do not cause any wear and tear to the shoes. The court design is sophisticated, which attracts many players to keep coming back for shoes from this specific series.

A significant advantage with this shoe is the resistance to traction so that tennis players do not feel the adhesion and friction during playing and the sole stays firm. This is possible due to the GDR outsole. Most tennis players admire such kind of tennis shoes which they can carry around easily in extreme range of humidity.

Players also stay protected from frequent abrasion due to its ability to resist wear and tear through an added layer on the toe region. Moreover, it provides enough breathability so that there is enough comfort during hot and sunny days.

4. NIKE Women’s Court Lite Tennis Shoe

  • High quality and durability of shoe material
  • The firm, sturdy and durable support by the rubber sole
  • Traction resistant GDR outsole
  • Resistant to impact and abrasion in the toe area
  • Lightweight, breathable and very comfortable

This is the ultimate choice for women requiring comfortable tennis shoes infused with classic outlook and sophisticated style. 

It is always easy to opt for lightweight shoes, no matter which purpose you’re seeking for, be it a quick session or a long day of tennis workout. This chic yet congenial category is trendy among women for its unique fusion of comfort and style.

Ideal components of this shoe include a durable rubber sole, phylon midsole, and firm mesh tongue, respectively. Besides, an additional layer around the toe area ensures maximum resistance from impact and abrasive injury. This is a plus point in case of tennis shoes as toes are highly exposed to injury and forward impacts.

A positive feature of this shoe is its ability to withstand traction through GDR outsole so that women can carry it around in any ups and downs of humidity. Besides, this shoe is very much durable and can tackle any weather conditions and yet provides firmness.

The court design of this shoe is quite advanced, providing an elegant look for young female tennis players. It is also very comfortable to wear due to its lightweight appearance and natural breathability. The sturdy mesh tongue provides this level of ventilation.

Overall, this category of Nike shoe serves as a fantastic combination of congeniality and poise for female tennis players and at the same time, serves its purpose gracefully.

5. Nike Air Zoom Zero Men’s Tennis Shoe

  • Flywire technology to reduce weight and increase support
  • Zoom Air cushioning effect
  • Breathability due to mesh materials
  • Durable material

A relatively modern and elegant looking tennis shoe among the different variations of Nike is the Air Zoom Zero categories. This shoe is, in fact, an excellent option to go for if you’re not a professional, but you like enjoying your sport without any hurdles.

The Air Zoom category also consists of an upper surface, midsole, and a rubber sole like most tennis shoes. But its top surface has an innovation of Flywire technology (modified nylon) which assists in minimizing weight and maximizing support. 

This feature of the upper surface has made this tennis shoe so different and unique than the others. The midsole of this shoe is pure foam, combined with the Air Zoom unit to provide developed cushioning and lightweight appearance. Due to this, the shoe is easily resistant to any form of damper effect. 

Moreover, the sole of the shoe is made of top-quality rubber and adjoined with flexor groves. The flexor grooves help in tackling traction and providing stability.
Additional features include mesh materials which assist in imparting high breathability and give ample scope for the nylon material to be comfortable. The quality of the mesh is undoubtedly durable and therefore adds to the many benefits of the Zoom Air cushioning shoes of Nike.

At such a price point, this shoe is worth it considering its composition of Flywire technology, Zoom Air cushioning, and high durability.

6. Nike Women’s Zoom Cage 3 Tennis Shoe

  • Attractive looking and comfortable outlook
  • Drag-on cage system to protect sliding movements
  • Highly durable synthetic fabric
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Shock absorption and adequate distribution

This category of tennis shoe by Nike is best suited for female trainers and tennis enthusiasts to carry around easily and comfortably. The Zoom Cage category is a unique combination of comfort and style for women who want something to offer maximum support in workout sessions.

Since it is incorporated with a synthetic fabric, this shoe has a lightweight appearance and a plush design. There are variations of color contrasts and designs to choose from ranging from pinks and neon to plain white as well. The design has been cultivated, keeping in mind the exceptional range of tennis shoes at present.  

Moreover, the upper part consists of a drag-on cage system for the forefoot, which is a unique feature of this shoe. The function of this system is to resist sliding movements during hard court tennis sessions which are a significant enemy of tennis players.

It also supports during variable movements which tennis players have to face frequently. The midsole of the shoe consists of a Zoom Air cushioning system which manages shock absorption on irregular and hard surfaces and distributes it to the entire area. There is an attachment of midfoot shank to offer lateral stability as well.

The sole is made of sturdy and robust rubber which is comprised of zonal abrasion patterns and herringbone patterns. These patterns are altogether responsible for imparting durability and resistance to abrasive injury. All these features make this shoe an ideal match at such a minimized and affordable rate.

7. Nike Tennis Classic Ultra Fly knit Women’s Fashion-Sneakers 833860

  • High-quality fabric and mesh
  • Durable upper, midsole and sole
  • Flywire technology system
  • Shock absorption and abrasion resistance
  • Breathable and comfortable

This Nike is the ultimate option for women looking for fashion and comfort in classic tennis shoes. Comprising of durable material and comfortable fit, the perfect fly knit range is worth every penny. It is very much suitable for female players in any weather conditions.

Associated with a Flywire technology, this shoe has a modified nylon addition to its upper surface along with mesh. This technology aids in minimizing the weight so that the shoe feels extremely lightweight. It also increases the support and stability, rendering comfortable wear and ensuring a firm grip and fit.

The midsole is phylon, which offers to cushion effect and the shoe feels lightweight. Also, the sole is made of high-quality rubber to provide maximum stability. The lining is made of textile and adds to an extra zone of comfort in extreme humidity. 

There is a combined area of material at the toe region to offer protection against injury and abrasion. The many subtle layers on the upper, midsole and sole add to the breathability of the shoe, ensuring a feathery feel to the feet so that player gets maximum comfort. 

Additionally, the fabric and the mesh are of substantial-quality imparting a long-lasting effect to the quality of the shoe. Overall, this tennis shoe is an elegant design infused with comfort and quality offered at an average price point among the various categories of Nike.

8. Nike Air Zoom Prestige Men’s Tennis Shoe

  • Highly durable material of upper, midsole and sole
  • Dynamic fit system
  • Zoom Air cushioning effect
  • Comfortable, breathable and lightweight
  • Traction and abrasion-resistant

This category of tennis shoes under Nike is much different than its other ranges because it is a combination of Zoom Air technology and dynamic fit. The Zoom Air range of tennis shoes is an innovative design of comfort and elegance found in Nike.

With a robust synthetic fabric upper and phylon midsole, this tennis shoe has maximum comfort, breathability, and durability. The breathability is provided by high-quality mesh, and the longevity is owing to the quality of the upper surface. Besides, the phylon midsole can impart cushioning and appear lightweight.

The durable rubber sole can withstand abrasive injury, massive impact, irregular and clay surfaces, and any form of scraping as well. Besides, it is also associated with ensuring solid and unyielding grip as well as an adequate amount of support.

There is also resistance to traction, which is the biggest concern during tennis sessions. As a result, players feel at ease. The addition of the Zoom cushioning system has made the shoes very comfortable to use on a regular day-to-day basis as well as quick workout sessions. 

Besides, the dynamic fit system allows the shoes to have a glove-like fit or a slim-fit offering a flattering outlook. All these features add to the detailed specifics of this shoe in the Nike range.

Overall, its highly durable interior and strong exterior with average price point make it a good deal to opt for in case of variations of Nike tennis shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best Nike tennis shoes:

1.Do they run true to size?

Yes, they do run true to size, but people with flat feet or narrow feet may suffer from slight discomfort. However, it gets better with time.

2. Can they be used on a concrete platform?

Yes, they have been designed exclusively for tennis and associated purposes. So keeping that in mind, it can be easily said that they can be adequately used for playing on concrete platforms.

3. What are the Flywire cables?

These are threads used in the upper part of the shoe comprising of modified nylon material. They are best known for their assistance in providing minimum weight and maximum support and stability during workout sessions.

4. Do they have good grip for trail running?

They are strong enough to withstand heavy abrasion, impact, irregular and clay surfaces, but they may not offer good grip in the long run for trail running. Trail running requires extra grip and effort.

5. Is the inner sole removable?

Yes, the inner sole is removable in most cases. However, in some shoe ranges of Nike, the inner sole may adhere strongly and may be difficult to remove. In those cases, effort should be given with care.


Summing it up, it can be said that Nike has always been known for its amazing designs that have provided both elegance and comfort to users. 

However, it is always a tough choice when it comes to choosing the best Nike tennis shoes among multiple variations. So, our detailed reviews will be beneficial for you in the long run of choosing Nike tennis shoes best suited to your taste.