the best merrell hiking shoes

7 Best Merrell Hiking Shoes

Merrell is one of the leading brands for outdoor enthusiasts. With quality shoes for men, women and children, the manufacturer offers viable solutions when you want to spend more time outdoors. Since there are many inspiring designs to consider, the best Merrell hiking shoes can be hard to choose. If you are looking for your first shoes from the manufacturer, it is important to consider the characteristics which allow you to tackle the areas you want to hike. Here are the top designs to consider.


Merrell Men’s Moab Edge

The Moab Edge shoes are one of the most popular releases from Merrell. They tick all the boxes for dedicated hikers and it means that they are versatile for different hikes and paces. For many hikers, being comfortable while walking for miles on difficult terrains is crucial. It is why the Moab Edge comes with the EVA foam cushioning. The foam is used across the shoe industry as one of the staple solutions for added comfort with a lightweight profile.

The outsole of the shoes is made by Vibram so hikers can count on its traction and durability. With large lugs in the forefoot and heel and no lugs in the midfoot, the shoes offer good grip while maintaining flexibility.  At the same time, they can be used for the longest hikes as they come with the M Fresh cooling technology which prevents your feet from sweating. Microbes are also kept under control as a result. The upper of the shoes looks rugged and it combines different materials which include mesh. With traditional lacing and a heel pull tab, the shoes are practical and breathable.

Special Features
  • Lightweight upper profile
  • Vibram outsole
  • M Fresh anti-microbial action

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Merrell Moab 2 Vent Mid Hiking Boot

If you are looking for a Vibram outsole in and boot design from Merell, the Moab 2 can be a great mid solution. Made to offer protection and a lower weight compared to a typical boot, the Moab 2 represent a reliable choice regardless if you’ve been hiking for a month or a few years.

The boots can even be further personalized with your own insole or orthotics if needed.  But with a molded arch shank, they offer plenty of support, even if you have fallen arches. The upper of the boots is made with mesh and overlays which give it a rather sporty profile. The same athletic profile is maintained with the Vibram outsole. The heel area is first to see the impact in many situations and it comes with an included air cushion. When you walk, you don’t actually feel the air cell, as it is well integrated into the boots. It works great with the EVA cushioning which follows the contour of your foot into a sole unit made for all hiking rhythms.

With suede leather and mesh materials, the boots are not the most affordable choice from Merrell but it is certainly one of the most versatile solutions. When you add the modern design, you get a solution which can even be considered for other outdoor activities.


Special Features
  • Suede and mesh upper
  • Air-cushioned heel
  • Vibram flexion

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Merrell Intercept Fashion Sneaker

The sneaker is one of the lightweight alternatives from Merrell. If you are not dealing with bad weather, you might be tempted to hike with lighter shoes. The Intercept Fashion Sneaker is Merrell’s proposal for lightweight hiking. But even if the shoes are smaller than the boots offered by the manufacturer, they are still very capable. Made with an upper which combines different leather material, the shoes use stitching for added durability. The top cap is also protected with synthetic leather so that you stay away from injuries and so that you protect the shoes from abrasion.

As you may expect, they are very comfortable as well. Using EVA cushioning, they represent one of the leading options for a softer foot frame. This can only be seen as a major advantage, especially in the conditions in which the shoes are often used by hikers covering long distances. This will prove desirable as even odors are controlled with the Aegis Shield technology.  With a padded collar and tongue plus an added back heel pull tab, the shoes are easy to fit and feel great on the feet even if you are about to go on your first hike.


Special Features
  • Lightweight design
  • Stitched overlays
  • EVA cushioning

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Merrell Men’s Moab Adventure MOC Hiking Shoe

There are not many adventure shoes made with no tongue and no lacing. But the Moab Adventure MOC is one of the shoes which are made to meet these demands. If you need maximum practicality and if you only hike occasionally, you can find great characteristics in the shoes.

With their simplistic upper, they are highly recommended for most hikers. The good news is that even if you get them dirty, at the end of the day you will be able to clean them easily as they come with no overlays. Other functionality characteristics remain the same. For example, they come with the rubber Vibram outsole so many Merrell fans are used to. At the same time, they are highly recommended for any type of hiking terrain, similarly to the boots from the manufacturer. But apart from the beautiful nubuck leather upper, the shoes are also made with EVA foam cushioning. With a cradled fit, this type of cushioning is recommended for most people. Other comfort details can be seen in the padded mesh ankle collar. With a soft feel, it is highly recommended even when you go on longer hikes. With extra protection from the outsole on the forefoot and on the heel, the shoes are a top choice for those who might need a second pair of hiking shoes or for the average summer hiker.


Special Features
  • Nubuck upper with no overlays
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Robust rubber outsole

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Merrell Women’s Siren Edge Hiker

Women can count on the Siren Edge hiker as one of the leading designs for outdoor adventures. Made with a beautiful modern design, the shoes are lightweight and easy to fit. They are also durable and made for proper traction which makes them one of the most versatile Merrell designs. But their athletic profile is their biggest asset. With a flexible profile which is not too heavy, the shoes are recommended for many hikers. They can offer one of the best solutions even for women who need to match their hiking outfits. With colors such as aluminum, vapor or amaranth, the shoes can be easily matched with most outfits.

Most importantly, their real-world performance is impressive. With 4mm lug depth, they represent a reliable solution for many women. Regardless of the height of your hiking trail, they can be the lightweight solution to offer proper grip for any situation. If you go further, you will be able to see the benefits of the anti-microbial footbed which keeps the shoes fresh and your feet healthy. While they are not the most absorbing solutions from Merrell, the shoes are very comfortable as they use air cushioning in the heel area for the comfort women need, especially on difficult terrains. With an upper with no stitching, you are also able to keep them in mint condition for longer as they are easy to clean from dust or debris.


Special Features
  • Specifically made for women
  • No overlays upper
  • 4mm lug depth

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Merrell Men’s Moab Fst Hiking Shoe

With 5mm lug depth, the hiking shoes are among the leading options for grip. Merrell made the shoes for the most demanding hiking situations. You can count on the outsole on various rocky or dirt trails and you can also count on them while stepping over obstacles such as fallen branches, steps, fences, etc. With a different style of logs across the surface of the outsole, the shoes are highly recommended for the dedicated hiker. The quality of the Vibram design is what makes them reliable.

The upper features mesh materials with overlays. Great for the summer, spring or early autumn, the upper is recommended to maintain breathability levels and for a quick-drying design when you have to deal with changing weather conditions. With a padded collar and tongue, the shoes are highly seen in terms of comfort. While they are not the most flexible, they are certainly great for comfort.


Special Features
  • 5mm lugs
  • Mesh upper
  • Back heel pull tab

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Merrell Women’s All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe

Women who like the TC5+ Vibram outsole can now find on the All Out Blaze Aero Sport as well. With an athletic profile, the shoes can be used for days spent outdoors and for the occasional hike. Using mesh materials and a molded heel counter, the shoes are made for stability, breathability, and comfort in a lightweight package. With their cheerful mesh color range, they are perfect for the sunny days spent outdoors. Made with the Omni-Fit lacing, they are adjustable for most types of feet.


Special Features
  • Made for women
  • Molded TPU heel counter
  • Omni-Fit adjustable lacing

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Merrell offers a wide range of lightweight hiking boots & shoes also which impress with their versatility. With an overall sporty profile, the shoes do not necessarily feel like hiking shoes as they can easily be used for any other outdoor activity. But the good news is that both men and women can use the shoes with their Vibram outsoles to tackle most trails with the best traction and stability.