find best lightweight hiking boot for backpacking and hiking

Best Lightweight Hiking Boots for Backpacking

Those days are gone when a stiff and heavy model of hiking boot weighs you down. As the importance of hiking boots are increasing day by day, manufacturers increasing their consciousness on your comfort, to lessen your fatigue. Most of the time heavyweight of the hiking boots is the reason behind your fatigue. Especially when you are carrying a full backpack, then heavy boots really become a burden. Though these boots are made to tolerate an unimaginable amount of wear and tear throughout their life. To make your trekking easier manufacturers now concentrate on making light backpacking boots.

Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI) says that that have counted one pound on your feet is equal to about five pounds on your back when you’re hiking in backpacking and in my experience that’s true. When you have the heavy pair of boots and it’s been a long day, those things will drag you down like a big stone. So in my attempt to always looking for the latest and greatest, and trying to cut down weight and finding a way to figure out ways that I can do things better in my hiking and hunting in outdoors. I looked at seeming if I could cut down some weight on my boots. There’s a whole new line of high end it now takes advantages and different materials and technologies that we didn’t have even ten years ago. But now that can reduce ounces on your feet and that really make a difference at the end of the day. So I’ve got here a bunch of these boots in a couple of different categories also and will describe how now they are different from the heavier boots and maybe you could put one of these lightweight boots into if you’re looking for a new lightweight boot or new footwear for hiking or whatever you’re doing in the outdoors.

The article also includes some lighter hiking shoes, so here you will get the reviews of best lightweight hiking boots as well as shoes.


Best 8 Lightweight Hiking Boots in 2021:

There are hundreds of brands and thousands of boots and shoes available in the market. But we have reviewed only a few of them. Because most of the boots are either heavy or cheap quality. So, take a look at our reviewed light hiking boots to find the best one for you:


Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot: Editor’s Choice

I’m using one pair of Merrel from last year and I loved this pair very much as they performed beautifully. These light shoes can tolerate great strain. I did a three-day hike on a mountain and they provided great support to me by keeping my feet protected and comfortable and of course without any single blister.Merrell best lightweight hiking boot

They are extremely light (2 lbs) and exceptionally comfortable to wear all day. I find them as the most comfortable hiker I’ve owned. Breathability is also great, for this, I’m planning to use it this summer too. I think that the added vents will help to keep my feet cool.

The upper portion is made of leather and fabric and the sole is with synthetic material. That’s why these boots are light and breathable.

Grippy synthetic sole will help you to prevent sliding while going downhill. I find them gripped fantastic on the wet ground and snow-covered areas. Though the shoes are not waterproof, they dry more quickly than other shoes.

I will highly recommend this shoe at an affordable price if you are looking for a great hiking boot with light weight and high breathability.

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There is also a shoe with the same configuration, check the price if you want that shoe.

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Clorts Men’s Waterproof Backpacking Boots:

These red trim eye-catching well-made boots are very much comfortable. They are made in the combination of leather, mesh fabric and rubber outsole. These materials made them skid-proof and abrasion-resistant. This long-lasting comfortable boots can be your great companion in wild outdoor adventure.Clorts Men’s light hiking shoe

The manufacturer used Uneebtex membrane to make them waterproof as well as breathable. So they can keep your feet dry in wet stones as well as in summer.

Eva midsole and rubber outsole made them anti-twist and skid-proof.

These are well constructed and provide you enough room for your toes. Weight is around 3lbs, which is really great for this kind of hiking shoes.

And the price? These are totally worth the price. If you want to explore mountains with a casual and comfortable shoe you can go for it.

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Adidas Outdoor Men’s Terrex Swift R Mid Shoe: Best Overall

I love Adidas from the core of my heart and they don’t let me down this time also.

These are excellent, super comfy and light boots. Though they are not 100% waterproof, they have quite good water repellent properties. They used Gore-Tex to make this boot, which is a waterproof breathable fabric membrane. I found them good waterproof for snow, but not totally waterproof in melted snow.Adidas Outdoor Mens lightweight backpacking boot

This boot feels great on the feet. I bought them for my trip to India and they provide me great comfort and support during my trip. They are the most versatile winter boot I’ve ever used. I got enough protection on light slow. Don’t think they are too heavy for summer. I’ve used this boot in my office too during summer. This slim and highly breathable boot provides me great comfort without sweaty feet.

The outsole is made of Traction Rubber which can provide a great grip for hiking in wet conditions or snow. Sole used on this boot is strong enough for hiking the hard rock Mountains in Colorado.

I will highly recommend this as a backpacking boot or for regular use. I just want to say that this is the best of best at the best price. I will definitely buy another pair soon and hope that Adidas will keep good work as before.

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Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot:

I used it before start using Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot. These are almost similar to Men’s ventilator shoes; the only difference is that Moab Mid Waterproof boots have much more water repellent property than Ventilator hiking boots. They were well built and fitted perfectly on my feet. I got these well-cushioned shoes when I had a hard time finding shoes that comfortable and fit well.Merrell Mens Mob waterproof hiking boot

The soles are also well made and grippy as like the previous one. They provide great support to me while hiking in a 2-day trip in the rainy season. One negative thing to say, I’ve used it for more than 18 months and they one pair got a little bit of leakage. But I didn’t stop using Merrell, then I bought the Merrell ventilator.

If you want medium-waterproof shoes or boots with high-breathability and of course lightweight, you can purchase it. Don’t think about the size or fitting issue, they are offering free-return on most of the sizes.

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Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot:

I want to start saying ‘I love these boots’.

These are one of the high-performance shoes on the market at an affordable price. These waterproof hiking boots are made of leather, rubber sole and super padded backs which made these boots comfortable enough to draw your footprints on your favorite trail.

I bought one pair only a few months ago for the number of positive reviews of these shoes. Besides, one of my best friends using one pair of these shoes for the last four years without any problem.Timberland White Ledge Mens Waterproof Boot

What have I got in this short period? These are amazingly comfortable with a sneaker feel rather than boot feel. My feet get very warm in these, even in cold or in snowfall yet these are not overbearing in a moderate temperature. These boots are extremely waterproof, solid and stable enough to use in snow or slippery muddy. I’ve used once in a major rainstorm and my feet stayed completely dry.

Though these are a little bit warmer for summer, I’m using two pairs of shocks daily with it and never feel uncomfortable.

These are not extremely light (2.2lbs), but compared to other leather boot they’re really good enough for regular use.

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There is a ladies version of the same product, click here to check for the price for women’s.

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Under Armour Men’s Post Canyon Mid: Lightest Ever

These extremely lightweight and durable shoes are made of tight weave textile and suede fabric. Rubber sole along with these materials made these boots super comfy and super light. The weight of one pair of shoes less than 1 lbs.Under Armour lightweight hiking boot

Though these shoes aren’t waterproof or good for wet weather but can provide support for mid-range hiking, they are water repellent. I found them more like sneakers than hiking boots. They are one of the most comfortable boots I’ve ever used.

These are highly breathable too. And the price? It’s really not too much considering its quality and performance.

Finally, I think, if you are looking for a great, comfy boot for mid-range hiking or regular use, Under Armour Post Canyon can be a good choice for you.

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Salomon Men’s Authentic LTR GTX Backpacking Boot:

These are very high quality and great backpacking boots. They are very comfortable as well as fit very well.Salomon Mens Authentic LTR GTX Backpacking Boot

Though I found them a little bit stiff on the first day, after wearing a week they became more comfortable and wearable. The boot doesn’t look too wide but the toe portion is enough wide. Just perfect for me, they lock my toe in place by not crushing my feet.

They are great for hiking. I have hiked more than 6 miles on these amazing boots in the snow, and they provide great support to me by keeping my feet dry. And in summer I went for a 9 day long hikes (more than 140 miles) with this pair and they’re really amazing for longer hikes because of their less weight.

Durability? I’m using those more than one and a half years and seen one of my friends using the same pair for more than 3 years.

They are made in a combination of textile, rubber and synthetic material which makes them very light, some sizes are even less than 1 lb. Can you imagine?

Though they aren’t completely waterproof, you will get enough support in snow. Getting one pair of these boots will be really a good deal at an affordable price.

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Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX:

This is another light and gorgeous backpacking boot by Salomon which is one of the bestselling hiking boots of all time. Many of my backpacking companions use this during trips.Salomon Mens Quest 4D-2 GTX Lightweight & Durable Leather

They are very much comfortable to provide great ankle support. The manufacturer was very conscious when designed this boot, they used materials in order to make this light as well as comfortable. The sole material is great and looks like the heavy backpacking boot to support you for longer hikes. You will get a spring effect from the sole which will release the pressure of carrying a weighted pack.

These are pretty waterproof but not completely, they’re able to keep your feet dry up to 3-4 hours of rain, after that your feet will get wet a bit.

The only negative thing I can say about this boot that the laces are slippery, refuse to stay tide sometime. But that’s not a big problem. If you are looking for a stunning hiking boot at an affordable price, you can go for it.

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How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots?

Hiking boots are one of the most important choices that you can make. They are one of the main things which determine your comfort when you are on hiking or on a trail. So Let’s take a look at how to select the perfect hiking boots for your outdoor adventure:

What are the main considerations when selecting new hiking boots? I think you should consider the below points:

Where You’re Going to be Using Those Boots:

The first thing you need to consider is the place you’re going to using those boots, the climate, rain, and weather of that place should be considered before choosing. Let’s you are going hiking in a mountain in the rainy season, and then you should not choose anything which can absorb water or become slippery.

Weight and Materials Used:

That’s the topic we focused on this article mainly. The weight mainly depends on the materials used to make the boots. The thinner the materials used in the sole, the lighter the boots will be. But you are going to an extreme level of mountaineering; you should go for heavier boots in order to get more support while carrying heavy backpacks. Rather that we always suggest going for a pair of a lighter hiking boot.

Which material should we prefer? Leather or synthetic? It depends. Leather boots are good for waterproofness, longevity where synthetic boots are very lightweight, breathable and easy to dry and clean. For long-time use, you should prefer leather and for the hot and humid season, you need to avoid sweaty feed and find something more breathable.

Considering all the matters I would like to suggest you use a lightweight hiking boot or shoe which can perform all year round. Soles are also playing an important role in making the boots lighter in weights. Check before purchasing how heavy they are, how much they can grip the soil or rock etc.

Height & Fit:

Check the height and fitness of the boots before purchase. Though everyone likes sturdy hiking boots, fitting is another important issue. If the boot’s height is higher or lower than what you used to than there is a possibility that you may not like that boot. I have never seen anyone who loved less-fitting boots, so fitness is a very important issue.


Why We Prefer Lightweight Boots for Hiking?

We prefer lighter hiking boots because of below reasons. They are-

Lighter in weight: Which makes your every footsteps stress-less. I found these hikers much more comfortable than mountaineering boots. Even most of them can be used as a walking boot for everyday walking.

Specially made for shorter hikes: These boots are specially built for shorter to medium hikes, about 10-20 km.

Flexible and breathable: They are usually made of mesh materials which provide excellent flexibility and breathability and thus it can reduce foot odor.