the best jordan basketball shoes to play in

7 Best Jordan Basketball Shoes of 2021

Nike has been making basketball shoes that players love for years. The best Jordan basketball shoes have progressed in time, but many of the classics are still available together with the latest designs. In many cases, players might be confused about the model to choose as there are many Jordans to consider. With good support and unrivaled traction, Jordans are reliable for most players. Even more, they are also highly considered for their attractive designs. The best Jordans include a few of the most iconic Nike designs like below:


Jordan Air XIII Retro Black and Red

Ever since their release in the 90s, the series impressed many players. The Air XIII Retro Black and Red have been used even by professionals. The Black and Red design of the shoes is already a staple in the history of the series, being used in the NBA playoffs by some of the best players.

Made with an impressive design, the shoes feature distinct bright synthetic suede leather on the upper. Blended with the black synthetic textile materials, the shoes are among the most interesting designs to consider. The mesh side panels are also famous for their breathability and looks which pair well with the red suede.

But the shoes are not all about looks with no performance. Based on a forefoot Zoom Air unit and a heel Zoom Air unit, the shoes are recommended for better shock absorption and for improved comfort. With the Ortholite insole, they also come with extra comfort for the feet. The outsole of the shoes reflects the rubbed pods design.

Special Features
  • A staple in the Jordan family
  • Distinct design
  • Air Zoom comfort

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Air Jordan 12 Retro CNY

The Air Jordan 12 Retro Chinese New Year look similar to the Taxis but they come with a smooth leather upper. With a seamless feel, the materials are recommended for those seeking a smoother look. Of course, there are a few benefits to the materials. One of the benefits is that the material is reflective when hit by light. So they might even look different from a distance and from up close, depending on the light of the surrounding environment.

The mudguard of the shoes is different from the Taxis as well. The look differs with the bamboo prints as well. Of course, since the shoes are made to celebrate the Chinese New Year, they also feature Chinese symbols on the tongue. This makes the shoes quite different in terms of aesthetics as they are made to have their own identity. The inside of the shoes comes with textured leather-like materials for added comfort and cushioning. But even the outsole of the shoes is quite different. The midfoot area of the midsole is broken up by the golden carbon fiber groves. The forefoot and the heel areas of the forefoot are characterized by the attractive translucent golden materials as well.

Special Features
  • Special edition release
  • Great little details
  • Reflective materials

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Air Jordan 3 Retro Tinker

Based on the original Tinker design, the shoes comes with new details and a fresh look. With the swoosh and the branding on the sides, the shoes come with powerful branding and Nike identity. The upper is dominated by the white leather which runs from the forefoot to the back of the heel. With a soft profile, the supper is flexible and it can be one of the options for those who need a loser leather feel. The mudguard leather is thicker and added in a different color which can give the upper a busier look, that some players are not necessarily into. But its role is to add durability to the shoes.

If you need extra original details, the perforations on the tongue can meet your needs with a unique design. It works well with the lacing and the distinct color top eyelets. Of course, being a Jordan release, the tongue also comes with the red jumping man graphics. The attention to detail continues inside the shoe. The insole has been made in the same color with the top eyelets and the mudguard leather.

Even the outsole of the shoes is quite unique. It comes with the red, white and grey rubber to match the colors of the upper. The best part is that the shoes fit well as they are true to size so you will not need to go down half a size for the best fit. If you feel that you want a shoe based on the original Tinker but with a modern twist, the design offers plenty of new and interesting characteristics.

Special Features
  • Interesting color pattern
  • Perforated leather tongue
  • Durable outsole

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Nike Jordan Men’s Jumpman Pro Quick Basketball Shoe

As one of the popular designs, the shoes come with a distinct leather look. But not all the materials of the upper are actually made from real leather. The mudguard area of the shoes is made with synthetic leather, which feels different to the rest of the upper, made from genuine leather. The upper also features the distinct stripe design with the Jordan branding. It continues on the heel area and it makes the shoes unique in style.

The outsole of the shoes is standard and it doesn’t come with too many surprises. Based on rubber materials, it comes with good traction. Designed with rubber pods on the forefoot and on the heel area, it offers one of the best solutions when it comes to quick changes in running rhythm. The good news is that the outsole is integrated with the upper for all of the available versions. So the black version comes with black rubber outsoles while the gray version comes with gray rubber pods. However, the shoes are also available in other colors as well, such as the unique pure platinum.

Special Features
  • Made with leather
  • Distinct colors
  • Cushioned upper

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Jordan Nike Men’s Air 2 Retro Low

Aiming to remake the 87’ original, the Air Joran 2 Retro Low shoes use premium materials for an impressive result. Made with quality leather, the shoes come with a low collar, as their name suggests. But this design characteristic can make them highly attractive for certain players fond of the classics. There are a few perforations in the upper which run alongside the mudguard. With select materials and a design which features heel protection, the upper is durable and above average in quality.

Cushioning is ensured by the Air-Sole unit. It runs along the entire length of the shoe, making the design a comfortable choice for such a considerable number of players. The technology has already been proven with other Nike designs and for many players, it is one of the main attractions of the Jordans. The outsole of the shoe features familiar white, red and black rubber with branding on the heel area. It offers plenty of grip on all indoor basketball surfaces.

Special Features
  • Distinct premium feel
  • Upper with perforations
  • Full-length Air-Sole

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Air Jordan 11 Retro BG – 378038 002

The shoes are among the unique options from Nike. They come in a premium futuristic design, where the protective mudguard overlays come with a shiny look, which is unmistakable. Available in multiple colors, the shoes are often worn on red which comes with a matching red insole. Using a cushioned design, the shoes come with a design which uses laces all the way to the top of the ankle collar.

Being made with mesh materials, they are also breathable. If you decide to use them for training purposes, you can count on great breathability, even during the longer training sessions. With the distinct white 23 logos on the back, the shoes are among the options which can be used for special occasions as well.

The outsole of the shoes is also characteristics to the series. It comes with rubberized forefoot and heel areas in colors which match the jumping man logo on the side of the upper. With good traction and an appealing design, the outsole is at the same level as the impressive upper.

Special Features
  • Historic design
  • Mesh upper
  • Top fit with long lacing

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Jordan Men Air 5 Retro

With a bold design, the shoes made an impact even before they were launched. The monochrome style is not seen too often with the Jordans and this is why the shoes are recommended to stand out from the crowd. With suede upper, the shoes are recommended for their elegant look, even if they come with smaller mesh areas on the sides of the shoes. With a cushioned design and a small break-in period, they can be recommended if you plan to make a statement with your shoes, beyond the classic low profile alternatives.

Special Features
  • Designed by Tinker Hatfield
  • Monochrome look
  • Inspired by the early 90s

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Finding the best Jordan basketball shoes may not be easy with so many designs. Even some of the older releases can still be purchased and it is up to you to decide which solution works best for your needs. Regardless of the type of shoes you choose, you can be sure that all Jordan releases are actually made for top basketball performance but they also come with a strong visual impact, which the fans of the series appreciate at least as most.