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Best Furniture Wax

Wooden furniture is very appealing, but they are prone to the effects of aging. So, it might seem challenging to keep them brand new over the years. Traditionally, people used natural furniture wax to preserve their furniture. Nowadays, many industries have improved the formula by mixing them with chemicals.

If you want to expand the lifespan of your furniture, you definitely need to invest in the best furniture wax. However, there are too many options in the market, and you might end up picking the wrong one. That’s why I have compiled the top 10 furniture waxes with reviews to shorten the search for you.

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Best 10 Furniture Waxes of 2021

As there are so many options to choose from, it can become overwhelming, and so, I have done some research to narrow it down to only 10 wood waxes with their reviews below.

1. Minwax 785004444 Paste Finishing Wax

Lustrous wood surfaces are very satisfying to look at, and to achieve that kind of look, you need to take care of your furniture. One of the best product you can use to do that is the Minwax paste finishing wax. It is one of the high-quality finishing waxes in the market, even it’s undoubtedly considered as the best paste wax for woodworking from years ago.

The consistency of this wax is very smooth and rich, which makes it easy to apply. After rubbing it on the surface, you will notice the difference instantly. This furniture wax efficiently penetrates the pores of the wood and thus doesn’t change the natural look of the wood. 

Most people use other substances like polyurethane in addition to furniture wax to enhance the protection of the wood. In this case, you don’t need to do such thing as it is capable of protecting the physical element of the wood and doesn’t change its color.

The highlight of this formula is that it dries quickly and leaves behind a smooth texture. However, as this item is made from organic materials, the cost automatically becomes higher than the others. I think it is a good investment as you only need to re-wax yearly.

Special Features
  • Provides smooth finish
  • Quick-dry formula
  • Doesn’t drip when applying
  • Long-lasting

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2. Briwax Original Furniture Wax 16oz. Dark Brown

Briwax has been in these wax business for a very long time. This brand is one of the first ones to produce furniture wax industrially. Since 1800, they have satisfied the woodworkers with their products. They are available in 9 different colors from which the users mostly buy the dark brown color.

The formula is a combination of carnauba wax and beeswax which is ideal from any wooden furniture. This wax blend can also restore the lost glow of your antique furniture. You can easily apply this wax with the help of any cotton cloth, and you only need to take a small quantity.

As a result, this product can be your companion for a long time. However, it is advised not to use a damp cloth to clean the furniture after applying a coat on it. If you accidentally do that, you have to wax it again, which can be a disadvantage.

This furniture wax ensures that the furniture looks brand new by hiding any scratches on it. You can also use it to clean and polish the wood floors of your house. This wax is formulated to provide long-lasting effects, and therefore you don’t have to re-apply often.

Special Features
  • Made from two forms of wax
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Only require small amounts
  • Ideal for antique furniture

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3. Howard Products FW0016 Feed-N-Wax

I know what a nightmare it is when we spill coffee on our favorite coffee table, but don’t worry as the solution to that problem is the Howard Feed-N-Wax. This product enables you to cover up the coffee stains and also adds a protective layer over it.
It brings out the shine of your furniture and also masks the scratches on the wood. The results from using this wax are pretty instant, and it only takes 20 minutes to dry out. Like all products from this brand, this one too gives of an orangey smell after applying. 

Howard products are best known for their use of organic components. This item is a blend of carnauba wax and beeswax with a little touch of orange oil. This formulation ensures that the waxed surface remain lustrous and shiny for a prolonged time period.

If you have kids and dogs in the house, your furniture is bound to have nicks and scratches. In this case, this product can be a good choice as it is not-toxic as well as gives your furniture a brand new look. You won’t have to feel embarrassed in front of the guests.

Special Features
  • Gel-like formula
  • Great safeguarding features
  • Ensures the natural look
  • Emits a citrus fragrance

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4. Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers

One of the most convenient inventions of modern times is the wood markers. You can fix up your furniture in minutes with a simple stroke of your markers. There are different brands of such markers in stores with various price tags. The cheapest among them is the Furniture Repair Kit. 

For some odd reasons, pets love to scratch or bite on the furniture, and so your furniture suffers from a lot of grazes. Consequently, if you have a wood marker in hand, you can easily mask these nicks. You will find these markers in a set of 12, which contains 6 different colors. 

As they are permanent markers, it won’t wear out easily, and the ink color matches the wooden surface perfectly. These markers can be quite handy and suitable for any old beaten down furniture. Although they are good for covering up damages, it doesn’t provide much security for the furniture. 

In my opinion, this item can be an option for those who have limited budgets or whose furniture gets damaged repeatedly. In other words, for an immediate fix, the furniture repair kit might be a good option.

Special Features
  • Convenient to use
  • Very cheap
  • Covers any scratch marks
  • Comes in 6 shades

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5. STAPLES 211 Carnauba Paste Wax

Staples Wax is one of the renowned brands for producing the best wood waxes since the ’90s. They have built quite a reputation by producing high-grade formulations with the best carnauba wax. And the commonly bought item from this company is the Staples Carnauba Paste Wax.

The formulation of this wax is great because 90% of it contains the hardest naturally found wax. As a result, it gives your furniture a rich glossy look, and the coating lasts for a long period of time. You don’t have to worry about the stain of your wooden surface while using this furniture wax.

This furniture wax is highly resistant to water and dirt. Therefore, you can also use it on marble or leather. Some users have confirmed that it is suitable for floors. The highlight of this wax is that it provides a clear finish. In other words, it doesn’t change the original color of the wood after waxing. 

Those of you who deal with chalk paints, the Staple furniture wax can be a good option because of its lustrous polish. You can use this wax without much trouble, but few consumers were not comfortable with its odor.

Special Features
  • Highly durable
  • Gives a clear finish
  • Dries quickly
  • Doesn’t contain any synthetics

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6. Howard CS0014 Citrus Shield Paste Wax

Howard Citrus Shield Paste Wax is one of the premium furniture wax you will find. It is composed of the hardest Brazilian natural wax. In addition to that, it also contains citrus oil which is capable of entering into the wood grains, and so you don’t have to apply frequently.

It is known as the best furniture wax for antiques and is highly recommended to use on antique furniture. One of the reasons is its premium formula as it doesn’t contain any chemical like silicone or toluene. It keeps your furniture safe from both UV rays and water damage.

This furniture wax can provide a protective coating on any kind of surfaces, including marble, concrete, and even metal. It not only works well as a furniture wax but also acts as a wood conditioner. It can help you buff unfinished wood surfaces too.

This multi-functional item is available in 5 different shades for you to choose. The bonus feature of this furniture wax is that it has a pleasant citrusy smell that makes it comfortable to use while polishing.

Special Features
  • Made from Carnauba wax
  • No inorganic additives
  • Citrus based formula
  • Works well on unfinished wood

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7. CLARK’S Cutting Board Finish Wax

Clarks’s Finish wax was originally created to clean and treat the wooden cutting board. Hence, this formula contains no harsh chemicals, and so it is classified as food safe. This wax can be used on any other wooden surfaces especially the dining table.

If you apply this wax to your desired area, you will immediately notice the difference. The formula is light and comes with a nice orange-lemon smell. It can enhance the natural appearance of the wooden surface. Besides, it only takes 24 hours to dry up.

It also comes with its own applicator so that you can apply it perfectly. It also works as a sealant and is made from all FDA approved ingredients like beeswax, carnauba oil, mineral oil, and orange extracts. Therefore, people who face allergies will have no problem using this wax. 

If you have kids and are worried about the toxic effects of furniture wax, this finishing wax can be a good option for you. It not only safeguards your furniture but also the health of the people. It might be a bit pricey, but it will surely be worth your money.

Special Features
  • Food-safe
  • Composed of natural substances
  • Resistant to liquids
  • Maintains shine of the board

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8. Retique It Furniture Wax Polish- Clear wax

Are you looking for a high-end clear furniture wax? If it is a yes, then you can look into the Retique It Furniture Wax. It is composed of a unique mix of natural waxes which allows the wooden surface to be sealed. The consistency of this wax is quite smooth and clear.

It is the best furniture wax for chalk paint as it can bring out the paint colors on the surface effectively. The polish will emit a nice sheen after a few minutes of buffing. Additionally, it can also protect your furniture from external elements like dirt or sunlight because of its oil-based formula.

The oil component of this wax is flammable, and so it is advised to use this wax in a well-ventilated area to avoid any untoward incidents. Another drawback of this wax is its overpowering odor which can make you uncomfortable while working with it.
On the other hand, this product is ideal for various types of wood as it highlights its natural appearance. Considering its safeguarding features, this product can be a good economical choice.

Special Features
  • Brings out the natural wooden look
  • Long-lasting
  • Good protective abilities
  • Easy to apply

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9. Daddy Van’s All Naturals Lavender & Sweet Orange Oil Beeswax Furniture Polish

Daddy Van’s has made quite a reputation by bringing out cheap but top-notch products. Another reason for its reputation is that all of their items are made from organic components and emits a pleasant smell. My favorite one is the All Naturals Lavender and Sweet Orange Oil.

If you have kids, then you can opt for this item as it is non-toxic and thus safe for them to be around. This furniture polish adds a protection layer which can endure daily torture from external factors like dust. It also penetrates into the wood pores and nourishes it to keep the wood healthy.

This furniture polish consists of beeswax and carnauba wax, which are ideal for any kind of wood. Besides, it also includes essential oils to provide natural fragrance. As it is chemical-free, you can use this furniture polish in your kitchen without any health issues. 

It also contains olive oil which is a great moisturizer for your hands, and thus you won’t have to worry about developing rashes. It works so fast that you will immediately feel the difference in its texture after rubbing it on the furniture.

Special Features
  • Provides a glowing finish
  • Chemical-free formula
  • Food-safe
  • Cost-effective

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10. Dover’s Wax For Chalk Finish Furniture Paint

As the name suggests, this product is the ideal choice for those who are interested in chalk paint projects. The Dover’s wax contains all-natural substances like beeswax, carnauba wax, and walnut oil which helps you maintain the natural look of the wood.

This natural formula is VOC-free which is why it doesn’t darken the color of the wood. It comes in two colors, which are clear and brown. However, it might be thicker compared to other furniture wax and so it might be easy to apply but buffing this wax can be bothersome.

Although this product suits all types of wood, the protective abilities are not up to the mark. It is ideally made for mixing it with chalk paint. Hence, this wax will definitely make your furniture look amazing, but you will need to re-apply often to sustain the glossy finish.

Overall, Dover’s wax is a good choice in terms of its cost and can effectively provide a great finish. If you plan to buy this product, choosing a clear type will be a good idea. Those who used the brown one complained that the surface becomes darker.

Special Features
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made from all organic components
  • Suitable for paint jobs
  • Professional finish

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Factors to Consider While Choosing Furniture Wax

It may be tough for you to choose the appropriate furniture wax that will suit the furniture. So, it is wise to check some basic considerations that can help you avoid any hassle. They are mentioned below;


The perfect formula for a furniture wax depends on its ingredients. Herein, the common ingredients are petroleum, water, silicone, and paste wax. You can buy silicone-based wax if you want your furniture look glossy for a longer duration. Regarding paste wax, it is considered the best as it gives you a permanent finish.
Petroleum is added to the wax to protect the furniture against scratches and also leaves your furniture with a pleasant smell. Besides, water-soluble dirt can’t obviously be removed without an emulsion polish. So, checking the ingredients are useful.

Formula of Wax

How much shine the wax will provide varies on different formulations. Furniture wax is made from a combination of synthetic ingredients and natural waxes. Some provide good gloss while others work as good moisturizers. It is up to you to decide what type of formulations you want to use for your furniture.


You can make your old furniture look good as new by investing in some high-quality furniture wax. Thus, you won’t face the trouble of replacing the old furniture with a new one instead because furniture wax is obviously cheaper than buying new furniture.
You will notice that there are different price tags for different furniture wax. The reason behind it is that the expensive ones tend to contain uncommon chemicals to sustain the wax formula and therefore it will last longer. You can choose whichever is convenient for you.


You can go through the reviews online instead of looking through the stores first. People who use the products will definitely give you an honest opinion than the advertisements. This will also help you get an idea of what services the products can give, and you can choose according to your preferences.

Beeswax or Carnauba Wax?

Beeswax has always been used for polishing wood due to its easy accessibility around the globe. It can be found in any beehives as it is produced by honey bees. On the other hand, Carnauba wax is extracted from the Carnauba Palm leaves which are found only in tropical regions.

Normally, Beeswax can be used both in its natural form or be treated with some chemicals to provide a suitable color. However, Carnauba wax has to be prepared from various chemicals such as; paraffin, aliphatic solvents, etc. and thus makes it way more expensive than the beeswax.

Carnauba wax can’t be used directly because of its hard nature, which is why it is mixed with other waxes to make it usable. On the other side, Beeswax doesn’t require such mixing but adding carnauba wax can yield positive results.

Difference Between Wood Wax and Oil

Both wax and oil work great as a finish for your wood. Wax is ideal for any type of wood, but this advantage can’t be offered by oil polish. For example, you can’t use Oil on Rosewood or Tulipwood.

The sources of wax are from animals, plants, and minerals. Depending on its source, the texture of the wax can be hard or soft. On the flip side, there are two forms of oil for polishing, which are drying and non-drying type. As a wood finish, drying type oil is an excellent option. 

Wax helps your furniture to maintain its physical aspect as it sits on top of it like an extra layer. In case of oil finish, your furniture looks more translucent because it seeps into the wood.

Wax has certain defensive abilities, such as; it can resist any water or food spills. Besides, it can also prevent the wood from dehydrating or fading up as well. However, against oil, it is unable to provide any security.

How to Use Wood Wax Products in the Best Possible Way

You have to be careful and patient when you are using the furniture wax as it requires some precautions. Here are some simple instructions to help you get the best out of the wood wax products.

Step 1:

First and most important of all, you need to use hand gloves to protect your skin from the chemicals of the furniture wax. In addition to that, you can also wear protective clothes like an apron while applying wax on the furniture.

Step 2:

Secondly, before applying the wax, you need to clean the wood surface for better results. For example, you can apply oil to the wooden surface or sand it with the help of sandpaper. As a result, the surface becomes smooth and waxing it will provide a glossy look. If sanding isn’t possible, you can use polish remover too.

Step 3:

After preparing the surface, the next step would be to apply the wax. You can both use a wax brush or clean cloth for application and then sweep out a small amount of wax from the wax bottle. It is better to apply the wax in a circular motion so that you won’t miss a spot.

Step 4:

Lastly, allow the layer to dry, which might take a few hours. After the drying session, you have to check for any excess wax to remove it. Now, you have to buff a sheen with a soft cotton cloth for the final touch and voila! You can relax now but don’t forget to re-wax again within the required time.

How to Well Maintain Wood Wax Finish

Although wax provides a protective layer on the wood, you need to take certain steps to sustain the finish. For instance, you can clean the surface with water by a damp cloth to remove the dust and retain moisture. You can also use mineral spirits other than water. You have to stroke the furniture in full length while cleaning with it.

You should know that wax as a finish doesn’t seal your furniture. Consequently, it’s prone to take up elements from your surroundings or suck up any chemicals. For this reason, the wooden furniture requires re-waxing periodically. It is ideal to do it twice or once a month.

Re-waxing your whole furniture in six to twelve months interval will prevent your furniture from fading away, and it will prolong the shine.


Hopefully, this article will help you find the best furniture wax as I have tried to cover almost all the best brands of furniture wax.

This will aid you to choose what you need. If you are still hesitant about what to do, then do let me know in the comments section below.