use best epoxy resin for wood furniture

Best Epoxy for Wood

Wooden furniture is good looking, durable, and provides a classy look in any house. In terms of budget and regal outlook, nothing can beat the supremacy of wooden stuff.

In case you have wooden furniture with some defects, epoxy resin is the only thing that can retrieve your furniture’s beauty. Epoxy resin can achieve a brighter crystal appearance on any wooden stuff.

But it’s mandatory to use only the best epoxy resin to get the picture-perfect outlook that will last forever.

Today I’ll show you everything you’ll need to know about epoxy resin (and more!).

Best 10 Epoxy Resins for Wood in 2021

After successfully going through a comprehensive buying guide of epoxy resin, now it’s time to choose the best epoxy. But, the market is filled with thousands of gums from numerous manufacturers, which can easily mesmerize a buyer to buy the wrong product.

If you’re afraid of that, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best epoxy for wood to choose from.

1. Pro Marine Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating for Wood Tabletop

Pro Marine Supplies is a brand of trust among DIY enthusiasts. Though it’s a comparatively newer addition in the epoxy industry, they already own the consumer’s trust by their quality products. Today, we will talk about one of the perfect products from Pro Marine, which is the Crystal Clear Bar Table Resin.

This is an overall perfect epoxy coating kit you may have for your coating needs. It comes with its hardener, which can deliver a durable and long-lasting coating on your woods.

It’s high-performance coating suits with almost any wooden furniture. From the tabletops to artworks or open bars, it works fine everywhere. The glossy appearance of this mixture increases the beauty of any furniture in your house.

On top of that, this formula is also water-resistant, and UV ray protected. The UV protection feature allows the users to use this resin for the outdoor gears. So, you can display any of your artistic components anywhere.

This durable coating is also scratch-resistant. Hence, it becomes the right choice for families with kids or pets. Thus, you can expect a zesty and long-lasting result from this Pro Marine mixture.

Further, the FDA approval added an extra appeal for the users who want to use the artistic product on their food table. You can use this Pro Machine resin on your dining table, glass cover, trays, or anything else in your kitchen. However, it is not recommended to use the epoxy gum on wooden spoons.

Special Features
  • UV ray resistant
  • FDA approved material
  • High glossy appearance
  • Durable
  • Versatile

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2. East Coast Resin EPOXY Resin Crystal Clear 1 Gallon Kit

If you want to perform a faster DIY project, East Coast Resin should be your first choice. Unlike the traditional epoxy gums, the total cure time of the East Coast is only 16 to 20 hours.

Though the cure time depends on how many layers of resin you have applied, still it works quite faster than the other adhesives. If you want to coat the outdoor equipment, multiple layered coating is highly recommended.

East Coast works fine in both indoor and outdoor tools. This flawless crystal clear liquid goes smoothly on any wooden surface and eliminates craters, trickling, crawling, and fish eyes.

This highly transparent resin will convert your dull-looking countertops, surfaces, or other craft projects more vibrant and livelier than before.

Another significant fact of this resin is that it has almost no odor. The engineers of the East Coast suggested that their odorless formula requires no need to use masks even during the working period. Thus, you can work all day long with relative ease.

The dedicated Research and Development team of East Coast manufactures this product with the highest quality production standards and top-notch engineering. Thus, it becomes a superior product than the other traditional resins.

Furthermore, the water, scratch, and UV resistance makes this gum more versatile and also superior to other resins.

Moreover, the feed grade safety of this epoxy makes it an excellent choice for your kitchen DIY projects. You can use East Coast coating to make your bar tops, coffee tables, tabletops, countertops, and other creative DIY projects.

Special Features
  • Odorless
  • Water-resistant
  • UV ray protected
  • Scratch proof
  • Easy to apply

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3. Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Coating for Wood Tabletop

If you want to buy a Pro Marine product without robbing your bank, this Tabletop Epoxy might be an excellent choice for you.

Versatility is the main attraction of this Pro Marine epoxy resin. You can use this resin for numerous applications such as wooden projects, kitchen art, repairing old furniture, fixing accidentally damaged tools, etc.

Even you can use this resin to cover up the wallpapered desktop. But you have to seal the papers on all sides before start pouring. Try to use multiple layers of coating on the desktops. Multiple layers ensure the most vibrant outlook of your tool.

Pro Marine engineers made this mixture too smooth to work on almost any surface. But it is better to use a clean surface for your DIY project.

If you are fond of craftsmanship, this gum could be your gizmo. You can use this resin on the wooden or metal cups. As it is a food-safe product, so using it on your kitchen stuff wouldn’t be a wrong choice.

Moreover, this epoxy is compatible with cold and warm water. So, if you are determined to build your coffee cup with this resin, you are completely good to go!

However, this epoxy needs about 24 hours to dry properly when applied to woods. But if you use oil-based paints, it may need much more time to get dry. And never work on sticky epoxy.

Special Features
  • Easy to use
  • Budget efficient
  • FDA certified
  • UV resistant
  • Versatile

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4. Epox It 80 Resin and Hardener

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose epoxy, the Epox It 80 might suit you the best. Along with resin art or paintings, you can also use this for coating tabletops, countertops, encapsulation, etc.

Epox-It 80 is surprisingly easy to work with. Most importantly, this Specialty Epoxy Resin Kit allows you to mix exactly the amount you need. All you need to do is be careful with the mixing ratio. The manufacturer recommended ratio is 1:1.

This epoxy has the perfect consistency to flow on the top. It helps the user to work enough time on that. That’s why this product is highly recommended for novice workers.

Another significant issue people have to face while working with the epoxy is the bubbling problem. Bubbles act as a villain to people who want the smoother finish on their coating. Fortunately, you can get rid of this bubbling problem by using this Epox It 80.

But you have to pour the mixture slowly on your canvas. It reduces the possibility of generating bubbles on the top side. However, you may still face some gurgles on the edges. If so, blow some hot air on top of that. Warm air will eliminate those unwanted gurgles like magic!

Remember, there will be few bubbles on the lower portion of your mixture. Blowing hot air on the top can’t eliminate those. You need to wait about ten minutes to let those rise on the top. Then you can remove those with the air gun.

This crystal clear finished formula is UV resistant. Thus, your furniture won’t turn into a yellowish one even after you use this on the outdoor. Moreover, the glossy finish will beautify the furniture even more than your expectations.

Further, you can use this mixture in your kitchen tools too. This resin is FDA CFR 177.2600 approved. So, you can use this tool in your kitchen. Don’t say that you don’t like the custom finished coffee mugs!

Special Features
  • Easy to use
  • Self-leveling
  • FDA approved
  • Water-resistant
  • UV ray resistant

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5. MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy Resin and Hardener One Gallon Kit

Mas epoxy is a renowned name in the Epoxy resin industry. During the last 25 years, they are manufacturing numerous high-quality resins for professionals and hobbyists.

This resin is a complete package for DIY enthusiasts. Along with the resin and hardener, you’ll get a 4 inches brush and a 4 inches spreader. These additional tools will help you to complete your DIY project with ease.

MAS Table Top Pro is also straightforward to use. The ratio of resin and hardener mixture is 1:1. Remember, maintaining this ratio is mandatory to get the best output from MAS tabletop pro. You can mix these components at room temperature. It won’t affect the performance.

However, it takes comparatively more time to cure than the other epoxy resins. This additional time is acceptable if you consider the quality of that cure. Though it takes time, you will get a comparatively better-quality cure than other resins.

You can use this multi-purpose resin on different kinds of stuff. From the tabletops to custom art projects, it suits everywhere. Though the MAS tabletop doesn’t have any official FDA approval, it still adds a good value to your kitchen tools.

The glass finished coating of this resin makes your tables or other furniture completely scratchproof and shiny as a new penny! Thus it saves your woods from being yellowish. Isn’t it great?

Furthermore, the anti-blushing coating extends the life span of the coat. And surprisingly, this blushed layer doesn’t distort as it ages.

Special Features
  • Anti-blushing formula
  • Simple to use
  • Scratch-resistant
  • UV protection
  • Professional grade coating

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6. VersaKoat Crystal Clear Resin

Whenever you buy an epoxy, you’ll get only the resin and hardener in the box. Then you have to rerun the market to purchase other tools like mixing buckets, squeegee, trowel, gloves, etc.

Why wasting your time while you can get all of these in a single package?

Yes, VersaKoat made this possible. It comes as a complete package of all your needs for a DIY project. This package includes –

  • One container of resin
  • One container of hardener
  • One mixer
  • One trowel
  • One squeegee
  • Two pair of gloves
  • Four mixing sticks
  • Two mixing bucket

Do you need anything else for your project? I don’t think so!

Besides all of these tools, VersaKoat didn’t even slightly compromise with its quality.  By using this resin, you will inevitably end up with a flawless epoxy surface. The surface will be in HD quality and comparatively more apparent than the traditional epoxy resins.

VersaKoat is entirely odor-free and doesn’t release any toxic gas in the air. Thus, it becomes an environment-friendly yet the most reliable resin if you have kids at your house.

Because of this high-quality mixture, you’ll get a perfect scratch resistant surface which won’t fade or get yellowish over time. So, you don’t need to use any matt or anything else to cover up the surface.

You put a lot of time, patience, and creativity to complete an epoxy project. Why would you cover this with a silly matt because of yellowing risks? You have the right to show-off every inch of your creativity, isn’t it?

That’s why you should consider VersaKoat for your next project and show your creativity to the whole world.

Special Features
  • Odor-free
  • Doesn’t release any toxic element
  • UV protected
  • Water and scratch proof
  • Doesn’t get yellowish overtime

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7. TotalBoat 1 Gallon Epoxy Resin and Hardener Kit

TotalBoat is an ultra-clear, waterproof epoxy resin for tabletops, countertops, or any DIY craft projects.

This durable and glossy finished resin comes with almost everything you will need from an epoxy resin. It is UV resistant, waterproof, scratch-resistant, and definitely heat resistant. So, using this tool for the outdoor parts won’t be any headache for you.

Moreover, this pourable and transparent resin is easy to use and has a simple 1:1 mixing ratio. You can do this mixing part at room temperature. Temperature won’t make your coating yellowish or fade away from your desired color.

A major plus point of this resin is that you can apply this resin anywhere you want. From the wooden stuff to the ceramic top or concrete tables, TotalBoat fits with everywhere.

However, it produces comparatively more bubbles than the other resins. But it won’t act as an obstacle for your project. I will suggest you wait for ten to fifteen minutes to eliminate those bubbles properly.

Most importantly, you’ll fall in love with the glossy look of this resin. It almost looks like a glass liquid. Whenever you put different pieces of stuff with TotalBoat resin on the outdoor, its glow will amaze you for sure.

Special Features
  • Crystal clear look
  • Durable
  • Glossy finish
  • Scratch proof
  • UV resistant

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8. RTG Bar and Table Top Epoxy (Gallon Kit)

If you are a fan of beauty with durability, RTG is your golden ticket. No other resin can provide you such a creative glossy finish as RTG does.

RTG resin is so glossy that it looks wet even when it dries completely. This super-hard and ultra-clear pourable coating can resist scratches, stains, and yellowing.

Customization will become easy if you use this RTG epoxy. You can customize your tabletop or countertop by embedding anything you want. From the bottle caps to pennies, magnets, or any other mementos will fit perfectly underneath the RTG coated surface.

RTG epoxy is also very easy to use. RTG designed this resin in a way that even the novice users can use this resin without facing any difficulties. Simply mix the resin and hardener in a 1:1 ratio and pour it on the surface.

Pouring the RTG resin will generate few bubbles on the surface. Surprisingly, most of those bubbles will pop automatically. However, there will be few other bubbles underneath the resin coating. You have to use hot air to eliminate those bubbles.

Additionally, the availability of heat deflection properties of this coating makes it an excellent choice for using as kitchen tools. You can put any warm foods in it (up to 125°F).

Special Features
  • Mirror-like finish
  • Easy to use
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable
  • Higher heat deflection properties

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9. Countertop Epoxy – FX Poxy – UV Resistant Resin

If you want a true durable epoxy, this countertop epoxy might be something you want. Countertop epoxy resin is a multi-purpose epoxy that can be used on multiple surfaces like tables, bar tops, countertops, and much more.

Not only the indoor products, but you can also use this resin for your backyard furniture’s too. There is a special polymer coating on the top of that resin. This polymer resin protects the surface from direct sunlight. Thus, the direct sunlight won’t be any big deal for your outdoor stuff.

In the case of durability, the countertop resin is more durable than the other resins. The manufacturer claims that it is five times stronger than concrete.

You can use this tool on any surface. From the tabletop to the concrete surface, this resin could be used anywhere.

There is no toxic element present in this resin. Thus, you can use this resin on your kitchen tools too. Moreover, FDA approval makes it more adequate.

Want to express your crafts knowledge on your tools? This countertop epoxy resins will assist you in doing that. Because of its wide variety, it allows you to express your creativity anywhere!

For example, you can add an extra protective layer on your old coffee cup by using this Countertop resin. This layer will not only beautify the artifacts but also improve the durability too!

Special Features
  • Easy to use
  • FDA approved
  • Highly durable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Scratch-resistant

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The Marine Guard 8000 is the last one of our top 10 epoxy resin listing. This epoxy coating is specially formulated for the Marine Industry.

You know, the marine-grade products are always the best in the market. There’s no doubt about that.

Unlike the other epoxy resins, you have to mix this resin at a 2:1 mixing ratio. The higher amount of adhesive will result in a transparent and efficient cure for the users.

However, temperature plays a vital role when you use this Marine Guard 8000. The best practice is making this cure within 70 to 80oF. Your mixture will cure within 3 to 4 hours at this temperature.

The hardener of this epoxy is quite thin. So, it is recommended to pour the hardener out of the jug very carefully. But, the included pump works totally fine.

In case you live in Alaska, Michigan, or Minnesota, where you can’t increase your room temperature more than 70, don’t be worried. 50 to 60oF temperature also work fine for this professional resin. However, it will take about 6 to 10 hours to cure your mixture.

Where most of the traditional resins can withstand only water and UV rays, this Marine Guard 8000 can endure acids, chemicals, corrosions, salts, etc. That’s why civil engineers prefer to use this resin for their projects.

You can use this resin for various tasks. Most importantly, it is used primarily in marine-based projects, industrial projects, professional boat building, weatherproofing, concrete coatings, etc.

Special Features
  • Heat resistant
  • Easy mixing
  • VOC free
  • Crystal clear and hard cure
  • Perfect for larger industrial projects

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Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Epoxy Resin for Wood:

If you are new to the timber repairing club, then it’s essential to keep a few things in mind before buying the best epoxy for wood furniture. These basic yet important factors will guide you to select the best one for your carpentering needs.

Without more chattering, let’s take a look at the important facts to consider before making your choice to purchase an epoxy glue.

UV Resistance

Sun rays damage the epoxy paste. If your epoxy isn’t UV resistant, it’s just a matter of time before your resin turns from crystal clear to yellow. I know the epoxy glues are meant to be UV resistant, make sure that it is mentioned clearly on the pack.

If you prefer to use an additional coating on the epoxy glue, ensure that the coating is also UV resistant. Otherwise, keep those products in indoor or anywhere away from the direct sunlight.

Coverage Capacity

While choosing an epoxy resin, don’t forget to check the coverage capacity of that glue. The coverage capacity of a resin represents how much glue you’ll get per pint, gallon, or ounce.

If your resin provides more than 25 sq. ft. Coverage, you can consider that as an excellent deal. But the formula should be flawless to get this coverage.

Most of the popular resins are leveled with the approximate coverage area. Thus, you can estimate the requirements for your next DIY project.

Ease of Using

Ease of use is a significant concern for any wooden DIYs. The easier mixing ratio helps both the amateur and professional DIY persons to work on their projects efficiently. If you cannot produce the cure properly, the resin won’t work well for sure.

High Gloss

Glossy sheen is completely a personal preference. But the lustrous outlook makes the wooden furniture highly attractive. Glossiness adds more brightness and clarity to your woods. You know, it’s the main reason for using epoxy glue for most of the people.

It will work fine if you use the crystal clear finished resin. But, using the mirror-like gloss resins is always the best idea.


Water is one of the worst enemies for woods. Even minimal exposure to water might be harmful to your wooden furniture. That’s why investing in a water-resistant epoxy is the best thing you should do to save your outdoor furniture.

Moreover, a water-resistant formula also holds a glossy appearance for a long time.

Blush Resistant

Blush is a by-product of epoxy resin that changes the color of the wood and also creates a jagged effect on the wood surface. So, you should purchase an epoxy resin only if it is totally blushing resistant.

Nowadays, most of the manufacturers make their products blush free. However, you should consider applying the resin only when the surface is dried. It’s the best thing you can do to save your woods from blushing.


Scratch is the main villain for any wooden stuff. If you have kids or pets in your house, the possibility of getting scratched has just got higher. But you can reduce this risk significantly by using an anti-scratch epoxy coating. It also improves how your wooden furniture stands against the accident.

How to Use Epoxy Resin on Wood

Epoxy can provide a resilient and waterproof coating in any wooden merchandise. For outdoor furniture, epoxy coating is a mandatory thing for the users. In this section, we’ll guide you to use epoxy resin on wood by yourself.

At first, have a look at the required tools you’ll need to complete this coating process.

  • A pack of epoxy resin,
  • Tape,
  • Gloves,
  • Squeegee,
  • Hot air gun,
  • Vacuum cleaner, etc.

After collecting all of these items, you’re ready to start the process.

Step 1: At first, select your woods and put it on a smoother surface. Make sure your surface has no gouges, rough spots, or voids.

Step 2: Mix the resin and hardener by following the ratio described by the manufacturer’s instruction. Don’t forget to wear gloves before mixing the ingredients. It’s for your safety.

Step 3: Use the tape on the edges properly. It prevents the resin to drip onto the floor.

Step 4: Now pour the epoxy on your wood. Use a squeegee to spread the resin on the entire surface.

Step 5: You may notice a few air bubbles in some sections. Get the hot air gun and spray hot air on the surface to remove those bubbles. When you see the viscosity is getting thicker, stop spraying.

Step 6: Now, the resin surface is ready to be attached with another timber. After attaching another timber, keep it like this for at least 24 hours. The woods will get adequately assembled during this time.

Step 7: Check your structure on the following day. It will be strong enough to use in your home. However, it is recommended to dry the resin for 48 hours to ensure the ultimate bonding.

And that’s it! Your journey of applying epoxy resin on wood ends here!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Apply Multiple Layers of Resin at a Time?

Yes, you can. Even it is recommended to use multiple layers of resin for outdoor furniture. It provides extra protection to the outdoor equipment.

2. How can I Eliminate Epoxy Bubbles?

Bubbles are a common thing for epoxy solutions. If you notice any unwanted bubbles on that, blow some hot air by using a hot air gun. It will eliminate every single bubble.

3. What Kind of Surface is Required for Applying Resin?

A smooth and clean surface is recommended to use before applying resin on wood. Otherwise, the surface will act as an obstacle to your DIY task.

4. Is Epoxy Resin Risky for Health?

Epoxy resin isn’t harmful itself. But when you mix the resin with hardener, it could be irritant for human skin. So, it is mandatory to use gloves before processing liquid resins. However, solid resins are completely safe to use.

5. Will Epoxy Last Outside?

Yes! Epoxy coatings perform great on the outside. This special coating can withstand any natural calamities or extreme heat.

A standard epoxy kit can handle about 150 degrees. But few special resins can withstand up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit at ease.

By now, you should already know the selecting criteria and probably already selected the best epoxy resin from our list.

Remember, only a suitable resin can deliver a perfect product that won’t let you down!

Choose wisely!