find here best epoxy for wood slabs

Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs

Everything made of wood, like tables, chairs, and cabinets, is never complete without that neat and classy finish that comes with a coating of epoxy resin. Aside from making it look more furnished, it also adds a lot to its durability.

This is a staple material for furniture companies, and you can use it for your DIY wooden projects too. You’ll be able to find everything you need in this article from the type of epoxy resin you should use, how you can apply it, and the best epoxy for wood slabs in the market.

With this, you will be sure to bring out the best of your wooden furniture. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s go straight into it!

Best 5 Epoxy Resins for Wood Slabs in 2021

There are a lot of epoxy resins you can choose from in the market, but if you want to make sure you’re getting the best one, here are top 5 epoxy resins that you should consider.

1. Crystal Clear Bar Tabletop Epoxy Resin Coating for Wood Tabletop

The first one we have on this list is from Pro Marine Supplies, which is a very well-known manufacturer of epoxy resins. This will surely give more smoothness and sturdiness to your wooden projects. 

It’s very easy to apply, and it greatly adheres to the surface. What users like about this the most is that it has a nice glossy finish. Not only that, but it significantly enhances the durability of your wooden surfaces, as mentioned earlier.

If you use it on your wooden tables, you can rest assured that they’ll be safe from any damage that can be caused by water or UV, thanks to its UV-resistant and water-resistant formula. But take note that this may take a longer time to cure compared to others, so it’s important to be patient.

Special Features
  • Has a UV-resistant feature
  • Helps make wooden surfaces waterproof
  • Give a nice glossy finish
  • Can be used on several DIY projects
  • It is approved by the FDA for safe use

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2. Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin, MAS Table Top Pro Epoxy Resin & Hardener

This is the best epoxy for river tables in the market. It is made of a professional-grade formula to ensure maximum performance.

If you’re doing DIY wooden projects, you should have this handy. It’s very easy to use, and it comes with a complete instruction manual to guide you in applying it.

This will be able to create a crystal-clear and glossy finish on your tabletops and any other wooden surface, from bar tops to resin arts like river tables. To help enhance the durability of your wooden surfaces, it has a UV-resistant feature, and it also helps make it waterproof.

You won’t have to go over your budget either because it’s priced just right.

Special Features
  • Has a crystal clear and glossy finish
  • Makes wooden surfaces UV resistant
  • Creates a waterproof barrier
  • Very easy to apply

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3. EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic

Another great addition we have on this list is made of a commercial-grade formula that gives it a longer gel time, semi-flexible hardness, and also a low heat build-up.

You can apply it on all wooden surfaces and even on coins, photos, and many more to encapsulate and preserve them. It gives a clear and plastic-like finish to surfaces, and the best thing is that it increases resistance to scratching.

This will also help the resin avoid developing yellow stains from excess exposure to the sun, unlike some products. The formula it uses is 100% safe and eco-friendly because it’s made of non-toxic and organic materials. Holes and cracks can also be effectively covered using this.

Even after a long time, its appearance will not distort; it will still retain its glossy and neat look.

Special Features
  • Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
  • Gives a crystal-clear finish
  • Makes surfaces scratch-resistant
  • Can be used on many surfaces

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4. Table Top & Bar Top Epoxy Resin, Ultra Clear and UV Resistant Finish

If you’re looking for an epoxy resin that’s easy to apply and has all the necessary features to protect and preserve wooden tables and other wooden projects, then you can pick this product with your eyes closed.

This provides a crystal-clear coating to bring out the beauty of your wooden surfaces. It also has a glossy finish, for that added elegant style. Aside from enhancing the overall look of wooden slabs, it also gives it greater durability so that it can last longer.

You can freely place it outdoors because this will not develop any yellowing from the heat of the sun, thanks to its UV-resistant feature. Upon applying, it will easily level itself on corners and edges. For added convenience during the application, its formula is odorless.

Special Features
  • Provides a neat and glossy finish
  • Gives a waterproof and UV-resistant coating
  • It’s very easy to apply
  • Doesn’t have any odor
  • Has a self-leveling feature

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5. WiseBond DEEP Pour 2” Thick Single Pour Epoxy Resin

Whether it be for tabletops, river tables, and art castings, you’ll never go wrong with this epoxy resin. It has a lot of great features that will enhance the look of all your wooden projects.

You won’t need to put multiple coatings on the surface just to ensure optimum coverage because this has a fairly thick formula that will be able to cover surfaces seamlessly with just one coat.

This can be used to fill cracks and holes, and you can even use it for creating the river-like design for your river table. The finish is very impressive, and it looks nicer with the added gloss.

Adding to its great features is its UV-resistant formula; it uses the highest UV inhibitors so that no matter how scorching the heat is, it won’t develop any discoloration.

Special Features
  • Has a very thick formula
  • Can be used in many applications
  • Protects surfaces from UV rays
  • Gives a glossy finish

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What Kind of Resin Do You Use for Slabs?

There are three main types of resins, namely Epoxy, Vinylester, and Polyester. And they all have their advantages, but when it comes to wood slabs, the best one to use is epoxy resin.

This type of resin is about three times stronger compared to the other two. Not only that, but it can perfectly seal wooden surfaces and give them a waterproof barrier. They have good adhering strength, too, so you can be sure that they stick to your wooden slab without any struggle.

Epoxy resin is usually transparent and is also the go-to resin when making river tables.

How Do You Apply Epoxy Resin Finish on Slabs or on a River Table

There are only a few steps to ensure a neat epoxy resin finish on your wooden slabs and river tables.

Get the Space You Need

The first thing you should do is prepare your wooden slab and make sure you’ve gotten rid of any clutter in your workplace so you can have more space.

Clean with a Sander

You can then inspect if there is any bark that’s left on the wood’s surface, remove them if there is any. Sanding the surface is the next thing to do; usually, an eccentric sander is used for doing this. After that, you can go ahead and clean the wood from any dust residue.

Take Care of the Irregularities

If there are any irregularities on the surface like cracks and holes, you can use a non-pigmented epoxy resin to fill it in and wait for it to dry up. Once it’s dry, you can proceed with putting the same resin all over the surface using a good brush for an even finish.

Pour the Resin Carefully

This resin finish will make the wood waterproof. There are a few more steps if you’re working with a river table. You will have to build a mold or a framework on the tabletop using MDF boards. To finish it off, you can proceed in pouring your epoxy resin into the mold for that river-like design and let it dry.

Considerations to Find the Best Epoxy for Wood Slabs

To make sure you pick the best resin for your wooden slabs and other wooden projects, you need to check if it can give proper protection, enhance the overall look, and make application easier for you.

So, before you buy one, make sure that it has these handy features.

UV-Resistant and Water-Resistant

This is very important, especially if you want to place your wooden table outside. Too much sun exposure can cause the resin coating to turn into a yellowish shade, which is not a very pleasing sight.

With a UV-resistant coating, you can prevent this from happening. Water can also easily damage wooded slabs if they’re not properly coated, so be sure that the epoxy resin you use is waterproof.

Neat Finish

For a more enhanced look for your tabletops, a high-gloss epoxy resin is very desirable. It’s also important that it has a crystal-clear look so that the natural beauty of the wood can shine through.

Easy Application

A thick formula makes application a whole lot easier because you won’t have to apply multiple coating to make sure the entire surface is fully covered.
Some epoxy resins also have a self-leveling feature that makes it easy to apply it on corners and edges.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Epoxy Resins be Used for Surfaces Other than Wood?

Epoxy resins can be used on a variety of surfaces, and its compatibility on certain surfaces will depend on the manufacturer of the product. But generally, these can also be used for resin art, to preserve coins, metals, and even photos.

2. Is Epoxy Safe to Use?

Yes, as long as it has been FDA approved, you can be sure that it’s made of non-toxic materials.

3. What Other Safety Precautions Should I Maintain When Using Resin?

Some resins produce unhealthy fumes, so to be safe, make sure that you’re working in a ventilated area and also have a mask handy if you can’t handle the odor of some products.

4. Why should I Use Epoxy Resin Instead of Other Types?

Epoxy resin has more of an advantage when it comes to strength and waterproofing, which are the two features that are mostly needed when working with wooden surfaces.

5. Why should an Epoxy Resin be UV-Resistant?

This feature ensures that no discoloration will occur when your wooden table or other wooden slabs are exposed under the sun for longer durations. Thus, UV-resistance is especially important for outdoor tables.


There are many epoxy resins you can find in the market. If you like wood crafting or making resin art, this article will surely help you to find the best epoxy for wood slabs and other surfaces. You will never go wrong in choosing either of the five products from this list.