best cleaner for wood cabinets

Best Cleaner for Wood Cabinets

Wood cabinets are essential home decor furniture for keeping miscellaneous items. But they get dirty fast, especially the kitchen wood cabinets. The grimy cabinets not only lessen interior beauty but be a health hazard also. However, cleaning the cabinets will bring back the kitchen’s appearance as well as save the furniture from significant damage. 

Luckily there are plenty of options that give your wood cabinets a great-looking and long-lasting effect. Out of them, we have shortlisted here 7- best cleaners for wood cabinets, just for your easy-choice. So, keep reading until you find the right pick.

Best 7 Cleaners for Wood Cabinets in 2021

Housekeepers even DIY enthusiasts frequently need wood cleaners for cleaning and polishing cabinets and furniture. As newbies, if you get confused about picking the right one, just bypass all that distractions by going through our 7-best cleaners for kitchen cabinet reviews. Let’s check out the products’ all-inclusive features!

1. Murphy’s 3 Pack Oil Soap Wood Cleaner and Polish

Our first pick of the list is the reliable Murphy’s Oil Soap Wood Cleaner that works great for cleaning finished wood as well as the non-wood surface. This top-rated cleaner not only removes dirt but also shines out timbers’ beauty naturally. In addition to that, you’ll get 3 bottles investing once. And each of them has 32 fluid ounces of oil soap.

Murphy’s Oil Soap liquid cleaner is a well-known natural wood cleaner. It’s formulated from 98% natural elements and 2% synthetic materials. The natural ingredients used here are water, coconut, plant-originated cleaning, natural fragrance, and a few more things.

This all-rounder wood cleaner uses fully biodegradable chemicals. Besides, no ammonia or bleach and phosphate are used there. So, you needn’t worry about the safety of skin and wood. 

This wood cleaner has a wide field of use such as wood cabinets, furniture, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, and linoleum. If you’re looking for the best natural wood cleaner, then this 3 Pack Murphy’s Oil Soap Cleaner won’t disappoint you.

Special Features
  • Natural wood cleaner
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Versatile application
  • Three bottles of 32 oz each
  • Biodegradable chemical elements
  • No ammonia, bleach, and phosphate used

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2. Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner

The runners up pick is the Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Wood Cleaner. If you are concerned about the budget, then this would be the right choice. It compromises in price, not in the quality. This cleaner is solely dedicated to the wooden kitchen cabinet. It contains 8 fluid ounces white cream.

Parker and Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream is a handy choice to bring back cabinets’ natural look for long. This works dually with cleaning and shining the surface. It can remove grease and heavy dirt from surfaces and can regenerate your kitchen cabinets’ appearance instantly. This cleaner and polish is quite original and does not include any silicones, waxes, or other harmful solvents.

Plus, this cream will condition your cabinets as the hair conditioner does after shampooing. On top of that, this cabinet cleaner helps in preventing cracking and drying. So, apply this for your favorite cabinets and enjoy the natural looks for months after months.

Special Features
  • Removes daily cooking oils, fingerprints, residue
  • Solely dedicated kitchen cabinet cleaner
  • Easy and safe to use
  • 8 fluid oz white cleaner
  • Provides shining looks for long
  • No waxes, silicones, and harmful solvents

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3. Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Cleaner

Howard is a popular wood cleaner brand. Today, we’re reviewing the Howard Products FW0016 Feed-N-Wax Wood Cleaner. This is a convenient choice that can polish all types of wood surfaces. It uses a combination of beeswax, orange wax, Brazilian carnauba wax, and mineral wax.

You might know, Feed-N-Wax Kitchen Cabinets Cleaner introduces conditioning oils feeding to the surface. In this way, Howard Wood Cleaner minimizes the fading out of the woods as well as drying up largely. 

This multi-use cleaner can be applied to wooden doors, antiques, dining tables, chairs, and trims. The gel cleaner also polishes the wooden surface and leaves a protective wax layer. After every application, wood’s beauty, grains, and depth will be improved to the next level.

Just apply the cleaner all over the surface and wipe off after 20 minutes and get the restored appearance. As per manuals, you must re-use this gel wood cleaner every 1 to 2 months to make surface luster and long-lasting.

Special Features
  • Adds protection and luster to any wood surface
  • Develops depth, grains, and natural beauty
  • Introduces conditioning oil feeding into woods
  • Prevents further drying and deterioration
  • 16 fluid oz orange polish and conditioner
  • Provides long-lasting outputs

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4. Magic Cabinets & Wood Cleaner

Another good option for cleaning wood cabinets is the Magic Wood Furniture Cleaner and Polish. This popular wood cleaner can remove all types of dirt such as food stains, fingerprints, cooking grease, kitchen soils, dust, and many more. It’s non-abrasive and produces the ultimate shining with the depth of perception. The pack comes with 14 fluid ounces of cleaner.

This Magic Wood Cabinet Cleaner adopts Stay Clean Technology that delivers fast, easy, and longer-lasting shining to the surface. Besides, it creates a protective, transparent, and water-resistant coating that defends further dirt, grime, and water-marks.

The built-in natural Brazilian carnauba wax of this cleaner maintains original beauty to the high-end furniture. Additionally, this also restores gloss and hides all scratches. This wonderful wood cleaner is a handy option for all finished wood surfaces such as cabinets, furniture, tables, trim, and many others.

Magic also offers a 6-pack cleaner that works for varieties of material cleaning purposes for example leather, granite, glass, steel, etc.

Special Features
  • Spray pump style allows ease of using
  • Removes soil, dirt, and residues safely
  • One pack contains 14 oz fluid
  • Good cleaner for all wood
  • Stay Clean Technology provides longer-lasting clean
  • Handy for varieties of material cabinets cleaning

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5. Bona Cabinet Spray Cleaner

Back to back, we have come out with another good review of Bona Cabinet Cleaner Spray. If you are concerned about spray-bottle cleaner, then you shouldn’t miss this good wood cleaner. This cleans the surfaces on the water-based formula that allows you to apply safely. One pack of this cleaner contains 36 fluid ounces.

Several available cleaners might harm closed, untaxed wooden and laminate cabinets surfaces, but this spray can easily polish them. On top of that, there is no residue left after applying this cleaner. Cleaning besides regular grimes, it also removes visible fingerprints and food stains from surfaces. 

Many of the cleaners aren’t safe for hands and pets, but if you own this, don’t need to be anxious about safety. The reason behind that, its ingredients are bio-degradable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. This spray cleaner already owns the GreenGuard Gold certification as a recognition of safety using for household cleaning.

Unlike many other kitchen cabinet cleaners, you needn’t wait for several minutes. It dries very fast, almost within a minute. Professionals highly recommend this as good water-based cleaners for cabinets cleaning.

Special Features
  • Spray nozzle allows easy applying
  • Adopts water-based formula
  • Eco-friendly and free from toxic elements
  • Come in a pack with 36 oz fluid
  • GreenGuard Gold certified
  • No residue left after using
  • Dries instantly and left no residue

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6. TriNova Spray Wood Cleaner & Conditioner

The sixth position pick of our list is the TriNova Wood Cleaner and Conditioner. One bottle of this cleaner can do different tasks at once such as cleaning, conditioning, waxing, and polishing. It contains 18 fluid ounces of ingredients. The spray bottle allows easy cleaning through the spray and wipes treatment.

No matter how grimy your kitchen cabinets, furniture, tables, and any other unfinished surfaces are, the organic oils and waxes will kick off the stains and give back their original shine and luster. Unlike other usual cabinets cleaners, it wouldn’t build up nasty oil.

It also eliminates all surface stains at the same time clearing all the residue. Moreover, the conditioner nourishes the wood and makes the surface fresh and younger. The impacts aren’t finished yet. It also generates a protective layer that works against deterioration for a long time.

Special Features
  • Cleaning and conditioning in a single application
  • Easy cleaning, just spray and wipe
  • Comes with a spray bottle of 18 oz fluid
  • Multi-tasks cleaner
  • Leaves no oils build-up
  • Adds a protective coating

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7. Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner & Polish

Last but not least popular kitchen cabinet cleaner is the Touch of Oranges Wood Floor Cleaner. This wood cleaner and polish is specifically effective for wood floors but works fine for other finished surfaces as well. Also, the orange scent will give you a real taste of nature whether you are at the office or home. The spray bottle comes with 32 ounces of fluid.

Every time you use this cleaner, it will add protection to the surface. It shines wood floors and furniture’s beautiful appearance in various steps such as cleaning, moisturizing, and restoring. This also works against future drying and cracking. Many available cleaners make sticky buildup after applying, but this cleaner has no such side effect.

Touch of Oranges Cleaner and Conditioner excludes silicone and wax that makes it safe to use. You can apply this for diverse fields of indoor and outdoor purposes such as antiques, cabinets, wood floors, wooden panels, laminate cupboards, countertops, floors, and much more. This orange oil is capable of removing all types of dirt even the old greasy build-up.

Special Features
  • No unpleasant wax buildup
  • Orange oil keeps furniture glossy
  • Convenient bottle sprayer with 32 oz fluid
  • The orange aroma will enhance the excitement
  • Diverse applications for indoor and outdoor

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Factors Need to Consider While Choosing the Best Cleaner for Wood Cabinets:

When you decide to use a cleaner for wooden cabinets, you should go for the cleaners that can restore original looks without losing their color and quality. If you fail to pick the right cabinets cleaner, you may ruin them rather than restoring their appearance.
The following things should be considered while choosing the best cleaner for wood kitchen cabinets.

Ingredients Type

The available wood cleaners come with a water base or oil-base formula. Water-based cleaners are great for creating brighter wood surfaces. If you want to retain antique looks, then oil-based cleaners will be the best option to choose from.

For regular cleaning purposes, you can look for weak acid, weak base, and non-corrosive ingredients solutions. However, any quality cleaner that you pick, be sure it is made for wood cleaning.

Normally, cleaners come with liquid, spray, and cream forms. You should also check the ingredients type. They might contain natural or chemical components. If there is any corrosive chemical, take proper safety steps to use it.

Bottle Design

Another important consideration is the bottle style. The quality wood cleaners either come in spray-pump styles or screw-type bottles systems. While you are going to use cleaners for the floor with the mops, then the screw bottles will be the hand-picked option. One the other hand, the spray bottles are convenient for cleaning furniture and cupboards.

Also, check the bottle and make sure it has no leakage.


Different cleaners have varieties of concentration levels. The hardwood floor cleaners can be applied directly from the bottle to the floors. But the cabinets cleaners need to be diluted with water following the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

After diluting the solution, try in the inconspicuous spot first then go on the main surfaces.

Diversity of Application

Before purchasing your wood cleaner, you can talk with the expert and manufacturer to confirm that your chosen model is appropriate for your wood. Some of the top-notch cleaners are good for a versatile wood surface, while others are made for specific wood cabinets.

How do You Clean Sticky Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

Typically, dirt and cooking grease form sticky residue in kitchen cabinets. Whatever the cleaner you choose either homemade, natural, or chemical, the basic steps for cleaning sticky cabinets are almost the same.

Firstly, you need to spray the cleaner on the outside doors, drawers of the cabinet. Then, wipe them down with a sponge or soft towel. Also, clean the handles and tricky spots with the toothbrush dipped in the cleaner. You may apply pressure to remove dirtier grime or grease. 

After completing the outer surface, go for the inside and clean it nicely. Then wait for a few minutes to make them dry. Finally, use a clean towel dipped with fresh water to wipe the cleaner from the interior and exterior of the kitchen cabinets. Now, they’ll glow like newly purchased cabinets.

Several effective cleaners for sticky kitchen cabinets are orange oil cleaner, hot water with dish soap, baking soda, and many more.

Tips to Keep the Kitchen Cabinets Clean Always

All of us want to see clean kitchen cabinets, but they get dirty due to several reasons such as water-marks, fingerprints, food spatters, etc. By following a few simple tricks, you can easily handle all these, and your kitchen cabinets will be neat and clean throughout the year.

First, make a schedule on cleaning the wood cabinets on a monthly and seasonally basis for spot-cleans and deep-cleans. Clean the cabinets at least two times at a month with oil and a damp cloth. This will give the cabinets a shiny look.

But avoid using excessive water for preventing unusual deterioration. To retain the good appearance of the cabinets, polish minimum once between two years by a professional. It also extends the overall lifespan.

Never keep any hot items or full hot pan on the cabinet, which will raise the chances of burning the wood cabinets. Don’t use the cabinet’s upper part as a chopping board, it may cause scratches. Try to avoid heavy rubbing while using a cleaner to hold the original paint.

It’s a good practice to check and clean the cabinet drawers once a month. Usually, roaches may grow there and contaminate the foods. If you find any insects in the kitchen, kill them immediately.

On top of that, sometimes you may face unusual cleaning difficulty, don’t hesitate to consult with the cabinet manufacturer, or call the professional kitchen cabinet cleaners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long do I Wait for Drying after Applying the Cleaner?

Normally, you need to wait for 5 to 15 minutes. But, with the variation of products, this value may differ. To get the exact answer, you can check the product instructions.

Can I Use All-Purpose Cleaners for Wood Cabinets?

Several all-purpose cleaners can polish the furniture nicely. But we don’t recommend using them for wooden cabinets rather than take special wood cleaners that we discussed above. Wood is softer than laminate, glass, steel, or other materials. So, all-purpose cleaners’ ingredients might lose its appearance.

Which is Better, Water-Based or Oil-Based Cleaner?

To find out the better option between oil-based and water-based finish is not a hard task. If you want to see brighter wood, the quality water-based cleaner is good at that time. One the other hand, a decent oil-based cleaner will be perfect for the classic appearance of cabinets and furniture.

Can I Use the Kitchen Cabinet Cleaner on Furniture and Vice Versa?

Yes, several cabinet cleaners allow you to use them on furniture. Similarly, some furniture finish can be applied to the cabinets. But you will also find cabinets-only and furniture-only cleaners and finishes.

Which Safety Precautions should be Taken for Chemical Cleaners?

If the chemical cleaner consists of harmful chemicals, gluten, wax, etc, it may harm your hand and body, so use gloves and other necessary protections. However, if the chemical touches your skin, rinse adequate water for avoiding injury.


We hope after reading the masterpiece reviews and detailed buying outlines, your doubts about kitchen wood cleaner will go away. And whatever your choice is, you will find the best cleaner for wood cabinets from the above list. So, order the suitable one now and say goodbye to all grimes from kitchen cabinets!