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Best Brush for Staining Wood

If you own wooden decks or there are fences around your house, you definitely are familiar with the pain of watching your wood get weathered, old, and grayed up with time, aren’t you? The discolored surface.. The porous texture ..Yes, all of that! Just like the dull wood, the charm of your house also fades.
To revive it, you must stain it!

Staining isn’t that difficult if you have the correct equipment, though. One of the most important tools is a brush. I’m here to help you find the best brush for staining wood.

Best 9 Brushes for Staining Wood in 2021:

After gathering enough information about the different type of brushes, it’s time to select the best one available in the market, below is a list of 9 Best brushes along with their description.

1. Deck Stain Brush Applicator – Deck BOSS by Perdura

The Deck BOSS professional deck stain brush applicator claims to reduce your coating time to half. It is the ultimate tool for coating or staining large areas in less time!

● Quick, Easy, and Fun to Use

It is 7 inches long so you can apply all types of paints, stains, sealers on rough as well as smooth surfaces. The brush helps you coat between cracks in just one go. Most importantly, it takes only half the time to finish staining in comparison to others.

● Comes with Free Bonus Case, Brush Comb, and Tool

With these items packed along a with brush, you don’t have to spend additional money from your pocket to buy them separately. There is also a bottle opener key ring in the set! It comes in a protective, hard box that has good looks too.

● Quality Assurance

It has superior construction and long-lasting custom Australian design, which is highly appreciated by professionals and do-it-yourself users alike.

● Long-Lasting and Durable

Due to the high-quality brushes, it doesn’t get loose or worn out easily. It can be used over and over again. At the same time, it doesn’t catch stain marks and can be washed off.

Special Features
  • Comes with a free kit
  • High Durability
  • Easy to DIY

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2. Wooster Brush F5116-4 Stainer Stain Brush

The Wooster Brush company has been manufacturing innovative, high-performance painting tools since 1851. So needless to say, this brush is also a great utility tool.

● All oil based stain sealers for wood toners

It soaks a good amount of stain and makes it easier to apply as well as spread across the given area. The flow is smooth across the wooden surfaces and helps to retain most of the stain.

● White China Bristles with Square Construction

This helps to cover the maximum surface area in less time because of its 4-inch length. Hence, it makes your work finished in a quicker and swifter manner and also maintains an even texture across the deck.

● Nickel-Plated Steel Ferrule

The ferrule adds to the strength as well as the lasting nature of the brush. It protects the roots of bristles and holds them together strongly. 

● Threaded Hardwood Handle with Bucket Clip

With this feature, you can add a pole of the length of your choice according to your requirements and therefore, remove it for external pole use.

Special Features
  • Good soaking capacity
  • High quality comfortable handle
  • Strong build

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3. KingOrigin Heavy Duty Professional Stain Brush

These come in 3 pieces (4,5,6 inches) and are used extensively for wallpaper painting and wood staining and have been trusted by many customers so far.

● Great Quality of Blended Filaments

They are very strongly adhered to and do not fall off. The bristles are also soft on the surface and help to spread the paint evenly, giving a more appealing and professional look.

● Ideal for Marine Brush for Painting

It comes with a lip so that you can hook the brush to the edge of the point, which makes your painting or staining task easier.

● Suitable for Rough and Smooth Surfaces

Regardless of the roughness of the surface you’re painting on, the brush can paint through the cracks and crevices and cover all minute pores while staining so that your old deck will look fresh and new.

● Good Holding Capacity

This can hold 40% more paint than the other brushes, thus making your painting task faster and swifter. It will take comparatively less time to cover all the larger fences.

Special Features
  • Rough surface expert
  • Strong bristles
  • Swifter experience

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4. Linzer 3121 0400 Stain Waterproofing Brush

If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-use brush, this one can be your pick as it’s pocket-friendly and reliable.

● Great Quality

It is made in China and is 4 inches in length. The bristles have quite a good amount of absorbing capacity. At one go, you can soak stains for 3-4 strokes across a medium-sized fence. It’s very smooth and evenly spreads out stain or paint on a plain surface.

● Includes Polyester Staining and Waterproofing Brush

A waterproof brush adds an advantage to it. Polyester staining is also a feature a good staining brush must possess. It’s also very lightweight.

● For All Stains and Waterproofing Products

This is a multi-purpose brush and can be used on fences, decks and is very effective for waterproofing other products.

● Value for Money

It comes at a reasonable price, performs well, and makes sure you don’t regret purchasing it. You get what you pay for. Overall, it’s both user-friendly and budget-friendly.

Special Features
  • Economical
  • Multipurpose
  • Waterproof

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5. Perdura Rapid Stain Deck Stain Brus

The Perdura Pro Series is an Australian brand, and its focus is to supply the best quality brushes on the market while giving the best customer support and service.

● Quality Satisfaction

The quality of the brush is very nice and has a soft and smooth staining effect on the surface of the wood. It doesn’t brush too hard against the wood and also soaks a great amount of stain, so you don’t need to put extra pressure to paint. 

● Faster Application

With a 5-inch length, it’s very comfortable to use. It covers a good amount of area at one go. Not only that, but you can also cover the cracks in between due to the structure of the bristles.

● Comes with a Bonus Free Can Opener Keyring

You can always have a can to empty your stain or paint into, along with a bottle opener. This way, it’s easier to do your work anywhere.

● Easily Reusable

It’s easy to wash, and the stain comes off after washing, so it goes back to being new and ready to reuse soon. You don’t have to purchase a new brush every time you want to paint your fences.

Special Features
  • Free can opener keyring
  • Reusable
  • Larger area covering capacity

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6. Linzer 0600 Project Select Premium Stain’N 3550 Paint Brush

Another useful and well-preferred brush is this product. Originating in Canada, Linzer 0600 is one of the best applicators of deck stain.

● Specialty Brush with Polyester Bristle Filaments

Like most of the good set of brushes mentioned so far, even this one plays a very good role in spreading out the paint evenly and smoothly. It gives a touch of professionalism even when you apply it on your own without any prior experience.  

● Plastic Handle with Threaded Grip for Extension Pole Use

The handle makes it easier to use and gives a wide range for hand movement and flexibility, which is very much essential for painting. You can paint by sitting up or standing, whatever suits you best, depending on the piece you’re working on.

● Stainless Steel Ferrule

This makes the brush very strong and keeps the bristles holding tightly together. Moreover, it adds to its durability and keeps the brush free of grease after use.

Special Features
  • Long lasting polyester bristles
  • Better flexibility with plastic handle
  • Steel ferrule

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7. Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush

This is a small 2-inch brush that you can use for smaller items with a comparatively less area. Although the size is small, the brush provides you great precision with its staining ability.

● Flexible Purple Suregrip Handle Adds Comfort in Tight Spaces

It offers uniform coverage while using all latex, acrylics, and water-based stains. Due to the flexible handle, you can paint tiny gaps or spaces. It provides the ease of comfort while painting, so you don’t have to complain about wrist pain after finishing your work! 

● Synthetic Blend for All Paints and Water-Based Stains

It helps you to mix your stain into the bristle effectively. This brush also has a good holding capacity, though not as great as others due to its small size. Even if it takes more time, you get your work done nicely. 

● Brass-Plated Steel Ferrule

Although not as strong as stainless steel, it serves the purpose compared to its size. It is safe to handle and easy to use.

Special Features
  • Easy to reach small spaces
  • Good holding capacity

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8. Presa Premium Paint Brushes Set

These paintbrushes are designed for professional, heavy-duty painting. It has SRT filaments that are capable of holding up to 30% more paint than regular paint brushes.

● Provides Smooth Texture

The premium filaments provide a smooth, even release, which enables more finesse and precision, so the paint or stain looks beautiful and shiny.

● Increases Your Productivity

With no flimsy bristles here, these blended SRT filaments can hold up to 30% more paint than most other paintbrushes. They are quite capable of holding medium or heavy body paints.

● Heavy-Duty

Its sleek design can withstand even the most abrasive surfaces and heavy-duty jobs, but the damage will be very less. Cracks and crevices are painted perfectly with this brush. 

● Timeless

SRT filaments are durable and quite easy to reuse multiple times. Not to mention the ease in cleaning them. This saves you the trouble as well as money for buying brushes more than once.

Special Features
  • Durable filaments
  • High precision
  • Capable of holding high density paints

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9. Linzer 3550 Satin and Stain Block Brush

This is the third Linder Linzer product on the list, and like its cousins, this is also a recommendable brush for staining deck. It is useful for painting many surfaces.

● Specialty Brush with Polyester and Bristle Filament

The Block brush helps to blend paint, stain, and does waterproofing very effectively, with full neatness to give it a new look. 

● Plastic Handle with Threaded Grip for Extension Pole

With this product, you can paint or stain the fences or decks with full flexibility of your hand without taking any strain or causing pain to your wrist. 

● Stainless Steel Ferrule

The ferrule makes the brush strong and resistant to unwanted bending or disorientation of bristles. Also, it helps to make the brush more durable. 

● Polyester/China Bristle Blend

Staining the rough surfaces and difficult to reach spots are easier with this brush. Even if the surface is not smooth, using this product will give it an even appearance. It can be used with all paints and stains.

Special Features
  • Threaded grip
  • Effective waterproofing
  • Block brush

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Types of Brushes for Staining Wood:

As there is a huge variety of brushes available, you should know about the available options. Example: 

● Synthetic Bristle

These are used in the case of water-based deck stains. Water-based deck stains are widely used because these stains are long-lasting and durable as compared to oil-based varieties.

Also, these formulas are simpler to use and can be washed off with soap and lukewarm water. Since they aren’t added with solvents, painters can breathe comfortably.

● Natural Bristles

These are used for staining cabinets because they require oils- based stains. Often called “China bristle” because of its origin, it’s created from the fur of animals like boar. Cabinet stains come in two varieties: oil and water-based.

A natural brush is best suited for a traditional oil-based type. You can protect the wood from stain blotches by applying a thin coat of wood conditioning before staining and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes to dry.

● High-Quality Stain Brushes

These are the brushes you should go for as they are affordable because of their reusable properties. Once you clean them thoroughly after use, they are ready to be used again.

It’s a little costly, but it’s totally worth it. If you’re a professional painter, you need to purchase the best brushes anyway. The high-quality brushes are eligible to be used straight for years. A good and versatile tool is all you need to get your work done. So why opt for a one-time use brush?

Factors to Consider While Searching for the Best Brush for Staining Wood:

● Quality

A high-quality brush carries more stains, so the job is completed much quicker. It enables you to apply more paint on the surface and spread it properly. With an even appearance, your deck will look newly made.

So quality matters a lot. You may find cheaper brushes, but if they are of bad quality, then you won’t be satisfied with your painting job. 

● Paint Holding Capacity

Also, a part of quality, but I’m throwing more light on this because the fewer runs and drips required, the more energy you save. Brushes can be used by professionals and non-professionals alike.

Staining something like fences requires a lot of time, along with effort and energy. So, if your brush can soak in more stains in one go, you can paint more fences or greater areas in one go.

● Strength of Bristles

You don’t want bristles falling off into the finish. Once they’re stuck, it would be very sticky, and if you try to remove them, you might just ruin your paint job. So it’s essential that the bristles of your brush are strongly adhered to the ferrule and don’t come off.

● Reusability

When you’re investing in a brush, that too for staining, keep in mind that it’s a work you’ll have to repeat on a yearly basis. You don’t want to purchase a new brush every single time. So go for one that is easy to wash and clean so that it can be used again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Use a Brush or a Roller to Apply a Wood Stain?

For smaller projects like playsets, benches, shutters, etc., rollers or brushes are good. On larger projects like fences, decks, and siding, a sprayer will be the most efficient way to apply wood defender and stain.

2. Which Brush is Best to Use?

High-quality brushes are the best! As mentioned in the types, for oil-based staining, go for natural bristles and for water-based stain, go for synthetic bristle brushes. It depends on where you are applying the stain.

3. Can I Reuse My Brush?

Again, it depends on the quality of your brush. Some brushes with weak bristles may not be reusable. They are like use and throw brushes and come at a cheaper price. With a little more money, you can buy a brush that can be used after washing.

4. Can I Use the Brushes for Oil Paint?

There are specific brushes for using oil-based stains. These are made up of natural bristles. Natural bristles brushes are effective for staining cabinets, that’s where oil comes in use. If you’re looking for one, then many good options are available.

5. How to Clean Brushes after Staining Wood?

You can rinse it with water first. For better effect, it’s suggested to wash it with soap along with water. For polyurethane brushes, use a little amount of mineral spirit or paint thinner. After it dries, you can store it in a clean and dust-free space.


So, if you’re looking for new furniture to buy or thinking about replacing your wooden deck, don’t! Just grab a paint and pick one of these best deck stain brushes and get to work. After you’re done painting, don’t forget to take a moment to pat yourself on the back for the hard work.