the best Adidas skate shoes

5 Best Adidas Skate Shoes

A good pair of skate shoes can be hard to match. Made for skateboarding fans, the lightweight shoes are comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Today, skate shoes are used all over the city. Many people use these shoes as regular walking shoes due to their versatility. But with appealing designs and plenty of great releases from the German manufacturer, it can be hard to establish a clear winner. Here are the best Adidas skate shoes to choose from.


Adidas Originals 3mc Skate Shoe

With a monochrome upper, the shoes feel right at home both on and off the board. With textile materials, the shoes are considerably more durable than the average suede alternative. They can be used in a number of situations which involve forefoot flexibility such as when gaining speed. But the textile materials are also more recommended during the hot days of summer. If you plan to skate for the entire day, using textile shoes can be a better choice as the breathability of the foot is improved as well. It is why the feet are not going to sweat as fast as with some other synthetic leather alternatives.

Made with the popular Geoflex outsole, the shoes offer plenty of grip on various surfaces. The non-marking rubber is also recommended when you plan to wear them as regular shoes.  Together with the EVA lining, they are comfortable to wear in various other situations, such as while at work.

Made for a regular fit, they are designed with a low collar. This is a mark of Adidas skate shoes and it remains unchanged in the 3mcs as well. With classic lacing and a branded upper with the Originals logo, the shoes represent a must-have for Adidas fans.

Special Features
  • Geoflex outsole
  • Textile flexibility
  • Monochrome aesthetics

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Adidas Busenitz Mens Fashion-Sneakers

The history of the Busenitz sneakers goes many years back. Taking the name of one of Adidas’ pro skaters, the Busenitz sneakers are based on the classic Copa Mundial. Obviously, there are many similarities with the Copa shoes. But with a profile made for speed and a perfectly flat outsole with small groves, you can use the shoes for top skating speed.

With a molded sockliner, the shoes feel very comfortable. The thin suede upper also has a major role in this comfort. While the shoes are not recommended for the colder months of the year, the suede materials are recommended against the wind. With elegant classic lacing, the shoes offer a retro appeal with modern features such as the anatomical collar. With plenty of padding around the collar, you can rest assured your feet will be comfortable while speeding. With original colors and a large tongue which reminds of the history made by the Copa series, the shoes also look very different to what you would normally expect in this area.

Special Features
  • Based on Copa designs
  • Molded sockliner
  • Branded after Dennis Busenitz

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Adidas Men’s City Cup Skate Shoe

With another classically-inspired design, Adidas made the City Cup a true solution for durability and versatility. Skaters immediately notice the reinforced forefoot and heel outsole. It represents one of the most interesting options for those seeking to train every day.

Available in colors such as red, black, white or navy, the monochrome upper is similar to what Adidas has offered up to this moment. But instead of using a single type of material for the upper, the manufacturer combined mesh materials with suede in the forefoot for a unique upper and a strong identity. With added perforations, the shoes aim to be a versatile solution to be considered both during the hot days and during the cold morning when you want the skate park all to yourself. With a reinforced cupsole, the support of the shoes is as good as it can be.

Special Features
  • Made with a monochrome upper
  • Mesh-lined suede upper design
  • Vulcanized rubber outsole

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Adidas Men’s Lucas Premiere Adv Skate Shoe

The signature shoe of Lucas Puig is inspired by old volley shoes. With suede leather, it represents one of the most appealing designs skaters can hope for. With a balanced combination of classic lines with a modern twist, the shoes are a top choice for the modern skater.

With sized made fit measures, they are recommended for most skaters. Even if you have wide feet, you will find the shoes have plenty of room for your toes. Even more, they use a protective toebox design with the help of the abrasion-resistant Adituff technology.

Most importantly, they come with a very low collar. Made for the modern skater, they are perfect to take to classes, to work or out shopping as well. The color range is not bad either and Adidas knows the shoes can easily handle any modern chino or jeans outfit.

Special Features
  • Classic volley inspiration
  • Suede upper
  • Adituff outsole

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Adidas 3ST.003

There is clear evidence that the shoes are made with feedback from professional skaters. With an interesting design, they manage to combine some of the classic Adidas features with modern lines. One of the classic features comes with the folding tongue which has been used decades ago on soccer shoes. Other features are clearly added for skate purposes. One of these is the sidewall wrap which is added to the improved lateral support.

Made with reinforced suede, the shoes are stylish as well. As all new Adidas skate shoes, they are versatile and can be used as casual shoes. But other characteristics also show the manufacturer’s intent for durability. Adituff toe reinforcement is one of the examples of this purpose. But the outsole is quite interesting as well. It uses Geoflex and herringbone zones to offer a unique performance with plenty grip.

As you may already expect, the shoes also come with EVA cushioning. The sockliner is recommended for unique characteristics and materials in a combination with some of the manufacturer’s staple characteristics such as the tongue and the Nemeziz-like back heel pull tab.

Special Features
  • Abrasion resistant toe
  • Suede upper
  • Geoflex and herringbone outsole

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Adidas has been making skate shoes for years. The latest releases from the manufacturer prove the impressive heritage of the international brand. With a rooted history even in other sports, Adidas skate shoes offer the best in terms of modern materials and own personal brand identity. The shoes are so appealing that they are even worn as casual shoes. The Lucas Premiere or the City Cup shoes are a couple of examples where the designs are truly versatile. Alternatively, they can work for classes, work or even at the gym. With durable rubber outsole, the shoes are great for all types of surfaces which include tile and asphalt.

But for the best skating performance, you need proper stability, control, comfort, and traction. These are areas where Adidas excels and most new releases are actually made to suit the average skater. However, since they can come with a narrow profile at times, you might need to go half a size up if you have wide feet or if you have overpronation. For most skaters, however, these shoes are the perfect solution regardless of the skill level. With plenty of great designs to consider, there are options which are even made with unique colors which will certainly make you stand out when out skating.